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Insanity Headline Sonnet

Insanity’s tenuous conditions:

Untreated mental health is dangerous

& for people there are no renditions

From this fate’s fickle finger arrangements

We leave the least among us all alone

With only their close families watching

(& those kin folk have their pride to atone)

So people’s insanity’s stretching

How the mysterious mind operates

Is beyond ev’ryone’s everything

Chemicals, hormones & even phosphates

Are in charge of what, to life, people bring

So, please understand that insanity

Is a problem for the community


America & Americans Sonnet

I wish I could clearly sing the praises

Of America & Americans

Whom the high bar of decency raises

Even after our recent concussions

Although we jump out of a checkered past

The rules of our game were fairest back then

& our best impulses try to hold fast

To those ideals of the enlightenment

I won’t focus on insecurity

That short-sighted fear & greed nurtures

Our greatest wealth is our humanity

(Liberty’s carcass circled by vultures!)

Right now I am told to fear the others

But in my heart I know they’re my brothers

Haiku Journal DMV-Manhattan-Subway Edition

new york sattelite 1

Yesterday I went to the DMV to get a New York License. I was dreading the waiting, but optimistic about finally getting my bureaucratic life in some sort of order. (Next I will try to get a passport!) I write my journal haiku or senryu throughout the day and today’s rhythm gave me a lot of time to reflect on events. There were three things that happened yesterday and I think this is a good “haiku journal” entry, so I am vainly sharing it. (Sorry I can’t format this into columns this Morning)

39. Computers are out/
Metrocards demand money/
At #woodside station/

40. Tollbooth clerk covers/
Window with impotent signs/
Backs them with ennui/

41. Most are just angry/
Ancient immigrants can’t know/
“Why no traveling?”/

42. Clerk tries to explain/
To ancient Himalayan/
Of “system failure”/

43. Palms up and head down/
The clerk gives up on language:/
Universal sign/

44. Mercifully my/
Soggy cash is accepted/
By god in machine/

45. Kindly Latina/
Money’s rejected by god/
Of electric eye/

46. She’ll be late for work/
While desperately begging/
For a crisp fiver/
47. DMV start time/
For attempt at an ID/
12:20 PM/

48. Bureaucracy makes/
Life together easier/
(Not always nicely)/

49. Pallet of people/
From which DMV’s painted/
Beyond the spectrum/

50. I love New Yorkers/
In their peculiarity/
While being tested/

51. Done with first window/
At a painless 12:50/

52. Alpha-Numeric/
Computer-read tickets called/

53. Slow but efficient/
Workers execute their functions/
While we demand more/

54. Man with pompadour/
Speaks formal Urdu to wife/

55. New Americans/
Seem more adept at these lines/
Then those born right here/
56. Subway ride back home/
Walked vanishing Manhattan/
Past places ʇɐɥʇ were/

57. Manhattan changes/
It is no longer my place/
It’s for others now/

58. City Landmarks go/
New places: new memories/
Mine Evaporate/

59. Walking those same streets/
Without friends I once walked with/
I’m slowly erased/

60. Memories miss me/
Youthful, lustful, desirous/
I’ve outgrown ʇɐɥʇ self/

61a. That city belongs/
To ambitious desirous/
Not contemplative/

61a. That city belongs/
To ambitious desirous/
Not the satisfied/

62. Lovers on the train/
Hungry hands kept to themselves/
Eyes feasting on eyes/

63. Thus it’s ever been:/
Youth revels in its beauty/
While the old look on/



Independence Day

26. “Independence Day”/
A bloodless simulacrum/
Of revolution/

27. Liberty’s freedom/
Requires the diversity/
That allows greatness/

28. Accepting others/
As they see themselves creates/
Free Americans/

29. Freedom’s true greatness:/
Equality before law/
(Free from OPINION)/

30. My equality/
Erases historical/
Privilege of wealth/

31. Freedom is diverse/
Allowing independence/
For everybody/

32. Our diversity/
Is unimaginable/
To ideologues/

Man of Steel Haiku Review

Superman Haiku Review

1. I Liked the first half/
Interesting alternate/
Krypton backstory/

2. Good production design/
Krypton’s parallel of earth/
Though clumsy green points/

3. Politics’ Absence/
Was strangely highlighted by/
Light skinned black gen’rals/

4. Did not like the suit/
Sent by Jor El predicting/
His hero status/

5. Kryptonite metal/
Was anything from Krypton/
Should have proved fatal/

6. Paradoxically/
I liked the “S-Key” tying/
Krypton to present/

7. Hollywood action/
Swallowed the movie’s last half/
With gross Air-Force-Porn/

8. Immigrant status/
Of Kal-El bothered no-one/
Because he was white/

9. Liked the destruction/
Of the spy predator drone/
Comments on freedom/

10. *Man of Steel* movie/
Was not without some fissures/
I’ll give it”B+”/

Non Urgent Emergency Room

1. The Q18 bus/
To Astoria E.R./
Afraid of Doctors/

2. Dirty bus windows/
Obscure the present future/
Adding foreboding/

3. I’m afraid of this/
Emergency room visit/
I’m afraid to say/

4. Injuries remind/
Me of my mortality/
This life is finite/

5. This bus ride: noisy/
Conversations of others/
Matter to speakers/

6. E.R. Clerks are good/
Working for creaky system/
Insurance stays paid/

7. Little girl bleeding/
Another casualty/
Of Woodside sledding/

8. Father holds ice-pack/
Doting on his brave daughter/
In accented love/

9. We’re all refugees/
From our usual sound health/
In the waiting room/

10. Concentration camp/
People Waiting for health care/
From indifference/

11. Mother & Son wait/
Hijab & Hip-Hop visit/
Injured family/

12. Nurse turns son away/
Says: “you can translate” winking/
Letting both enter/

13. Old man tells story/
Angling for pain killers/
Spurious details/

14. Facts shouted indict/
Hospitals, projects & clerk/
An expert patient/

15. Russians, Brazilians/
Jamaicans and the forlorn/
In “Camp Waiting Room”/

16. Bengali man’s scarf/
Worn like a scott-plaid head-wrap/
Burberry hijab/

17. Unfortunate day/
Spent in crowded waiting room/
Small, slow tragedy/

18. Wedding ring removed/
Gold dust in the hospital/
From cut wedding rings/


19. Got a shot for pain/
This dislocated finger/
Will be re-wrestled/

20. Ketorolac shot/
Burns while injecting my arm/
Kills the pain quickly/

21. Three left hand Ex-Rays/
With an overworked techie/
And no lead blankets/

22. The X-rays can’t say/
How bad my dislocation/
Or where my day went/

23. Tiny finger fracture/
And a hand surgeon visit/
The day crawls forward/

24. A blind mother dotes/
On a cute nauseous daughter/
Explaining unseen/

25. Bus heading back home/
Hand throbbing insistently/
Glad to be outside/


Sledding in Woodside Queens 2013

35. Sledding in Woodside/
With the people of the world/
Human gravity/


50. The snowy hillside/
In Woodside’s Doughboy playground/
Is peppered with fun/

51. Here Colombians/
Bengalis, Tibetans as/
Americans slide/

52. Snowy experience/
ReCaptured digitally/
Are sent to tropics/

53. iPad made movies/
Of happy Americans/
Are sent far away/

54. Woman with hijab/
Gucci covered iPad films/
Her smiling children/

55. Korean father/
Roars down the tree covered hill/
Ecstatically loud/


56. Mexican fam’ly/
Unloads children & their sleds/
Then tackle papí/

57. Americans all/
We enjoy democracy/
Of our acceptance/

36. Sledding with children/
Overshot my playfulness/
Collided with age/

37. Clenching rope handles/
Spinning beyond all control/
Damaged ring finger/

38. Regretting my ride/
Because I injured myself/
Shows a lack of faith/

39. Staying young inside/
More important than safety/
For immortal* souls/
#haiku *eternal

40. Aging bodies recede/
To within our comfort zone/
Abandoning youth/

41. Aches and troubles/
Of old immaturity/
Are truly priceless/

42. Youthfulness’s worth/
Though dangerous to old men/
Keeps their spirits fresh/

43. Adventure’s value/
Is an internal journey/
Exploring within*/
#haiku *our souls

44. The pains in my body/
Temporarily remind/
My mind I’m alive/

45. This throbbing finger/
Beats the rhythm of my heart/
Where I can feel it/

46. I regret nothing/
Because I’m educated/
By experience/

47. While I don’t like pain/
It reminds me I’m alive/
Here to live for now/


48. Wedding tourniquet/
The ring keeps my red blood in/
The heart of my life/

49. Ring’s Symbol becomes/
An active agent in life/
I cherish it so/