Man of Steel Haiku Review

Superman Haiku Review

1. I Liked the first half/
Interesting alternate/
Krypton backstory/

2. Good production design/
Krypton’s parallel of earth/
Though clumsy green points/

3. Politics’ Absence/
Was strangely highlighted by/
Light skinned black gen’rals/

4. Did not like the suit/
Sent by Jor El predicting/
His hero status/

5. Kryptonite metal/
Was anything from Krypton/
Should have proved fatal/

6. Paradoxically/
I liked the “S-Key” tying/
Krypton to present/

7. Hollywood action/
Swallowed the movie’s last half/
With gross Air-Force-Porn/

8. Immigrant status/
Of Kal-El bothered no-one/
Because he was white/

9. Liked the destruction/
Of the spy predator drone/
Comments on freedom/

10. *Man of Steel* movie/
Was not without some fissures/
I’ll give it”B+”/


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