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Caring’s Mendacity Sonnet

What hurts the most is our attempts to care

Or, more, it is our desire to appear

Like we want to help others to forebear

(& the cruelty of life to forswear)

This protection of our ego’s standing

In the maelstrom of our society

Is a clumsy attempt at demanding

The golden award of propriety

I heard someone say in Paris one time:

“You cannot save both your face and your ass”

The drunk who uttered these sage words sublime

Knew that posh nobility should come last

You have read 12 lines of my thinking rhymed

In which, on my ego, I’ve dropped a dime


Obscuring With Beauty

People learn things exceedingly slowly

Rarely understanding implications

Situations’ implications wholly

Searching out oversimplifications

Create palatable realities

Of noble & honorable people

Obscuring all of our venalities

We’re praying towards a false clapboard steeple

We resent all the unflattering news

Rejecting both the friendly & snarky

Rather than try to accept painful truths

That might let wisdom’s bold knowledge mark thee

Most people hide from their identity

When it doesn’t their ego benefit

Make America Good Again Sonnet

Hats Read: “make america great again!”

To sell mythical historical lie

Of colonial racism’s given:

Made it easier to be a white guy

“Make America Good Again!” we said

To point out the half truths in the red hats

America’s greatest with unions red

Coal miners, uneducated, earned lots

Our country is being let by its id

Brutally consuming its memory

We’ve become like some six billion ton kid

Rampaging back through bleakest history

Rest assured many will be sent to God

To assuage our damaged egos: that’s sad

Easy Answers Sonnet 

We look for easy answers to explain
Phenomena we can not understand
Elation, confusion, sadness & pain
Into uncertainty our thoughts expand

Verifiable facts become theories
That simplify evérything we see
Into identical answers dreary
“All good & bad come from the deity!”

The simplistic answers that I covet
Contain infinity in familiar
Explanations they’ve shoved down my gullet:
Fear of novelty promotes “similar”
Simplicity’s familiarity
Makes Humanity fear temerity

Hard Day 5

My savage Ego
Imprisons my Id
This imbroglio
Is pride untamed, kid

So let the show go
And live with your faults
Live with what you know
Life can be a waltz

You’re fine as you are
No matter what’s said
You are going far
Try to keep your head

Someone bothers you
Ignore them my friend
Just bid them adeiu
Enjoy life instead

The world is littered
With meaningless folks
Don’t get embittered
Just laugh at the jokes

The irony is
That you’re a joke too
So laugh at this biz
Accept that you’re screwed

I’m having a blast
In this dizzy world
An iconoclast
into this life swirled

I’ll never forget
That life isn’t great
Others I must let
Their own planet make

It’s not about me
Or anyONE else
It’s pride that we flee
That prison of self

Jose Ortega y Gasset Meets Ice T

I’m glad American’s are doing well

And we keep accumulating things

I believe this is a marvelous Hell

That we can buy such so many belongings

The toys & luxuries of the Pharaohs  

Available to sisters & brothers

Wealth & pride of material composed

These “things” that separate us  from “others”*

We now have wealth’s magic appliances

Walls festooned with numbing moving paintings

Gadgets & trinkets of alliances

Made between us & power’s restrainings

All “the [simple] comforts we demanded

[Are now] mandatory” & commanded

Backfire Haikus

(Today’s Haiku & Revisions Tell a Story)
1. Guns are symbolic/
Talismans of some power/
Obscuring our souls/

2. Physical weapons/
Can’t defeat spiritual/
Maladies we have/

3. We look to the flesh/
To show us life’s true meaning/
Because we lack faith/

4. Symbolic defense/
Against unknowns that we fear/
Show us our weakness/

5a. Threats to liberty/
Cannot be shot or wounded/
Only defeated/

5b. Threats to liberty/
Cannot be shot or wounded/
Only voted out/

6. The battle’s within/
We find enemies to play/
Deepest phobias/

7a. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
Accept and enjoy/

7b. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
Accept & relax/

7c. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
The battle’s within/

7d. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing makes paradise/
Relax & accept/

7e. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing makes paradise/
The battle’s within/

8a. Goodwill’s rebranding/
Capitalist marketing/
Demands more profits/

8b. Goodwill’s rebranding:/
Mere acts of human kindness/
Are now weaknesses/

9. The word “Beautiful”/
Prioritizes outsides/
Diminishing souls/

10. Physical art cards/
No matter how long postponed/
Fulfills the spirit/