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Race-Power-Discourse Sonnet

Power’s interconnected discourses
Shuffle & are collated through our minds
At one end we demand the resources
At the other end we don’t trust my kind

We are accustomed to a soft system
That leaves most legislation unwritten
It is mostly by melanin driven
With Caucasians perennial victims

This system is a tidy prism
We have victimizers & we’ve victims
They’re designated by racism
Empowering those who make the dictums

So when you get unfair advantages
Concede your place on race’s

Eccentric Me Sonnet

I struggle with the realization
That I have always an eccentric
Friends forgive my strange concatenation
That may not fit into normal’s rubric

I look at the landscape out my window
Lands beyond Manhattan’s epicenter
Knowing full well that all this falls below
The land seen where people think things matter

I see the fleeting red-&-blue light-show
The fire department’s ambulances make
As they try to save humans’ bodies so
There is one less tragedy that might break

Another man might just see the city
Not thinking of salvation or pity

COVID19 Distance Learning Sonnet

Truthfully I’m completely overwhelmed
While I sit here trying to teach from my home
I’m caught in distance learning’s special Hell
And my emotions shrink from the unknown

What I do, what you can call praxis
The lessons & instruction’s performance
That achieves a goal through student practice
Is gripping me with fear that’s enormous

The work is more difficult, that is true
‘Cause teaching online is impersonal
Not seeing them, I’m not sure I get through
For me computers are not versatile

But 2020’s pandemic is here
& I’ll do the best I can while not near

Dawn Sonnet 3-16-20

As I patiently wait for disaster
With my aggro black coffee in my hand
I observe this fine world alabaster
Knowing that this is all somehow God’s plan

I wish I believed in a Deity
Who sat in a control room watching us
Observing the acts of the laity
Deciding when each one’s final door shuts

Still I naïvely pray to somebody
Though I have no fucking idea who
It is an act of faith, done clumsily
& by talking to myself, dreams come true

In the dozen lines above, I write of
This temporary place: the world I love

Social Media Sonnet 3-11-20

I hollar here on media social
Impotent, invisible little screams:
That will have no effect, nothing crucial
But that’s pointless modernity, it seems

The sad compulsion to be recognized
Is a byproduct of society
That has been remade hierarchicllized
It’s clearly a moral infirmity

So when you see some wittiness tweeted
Smile at the pathetic social display
Of someone who wants to be completed
By approval of others in some way

I wish I could accept my life’s beauty
For what it is, without sharing’s duty

Interconnectedness Sonnet

‪This morning I looked down over the highway‬
‪That runs past my city development‬
‪It seemed like a zipper’s tight interplay‬
‪Telling me that all life is important‬

The traffic, cars, trucks, & prison busses
Merged flawlessly together: a stream
Of humanity braided in tresses
(With mechanization that us demeans)

It was like a bright Max Fleisher cartoon
The magical specter of creation
(That for the richest’s an enormous boon
& we participate with elation)

I need to love the life that here exists
Though my dreams of the natural persist

Dawn 3-5-20

The day charges out of nowhere bringing
The mysterious possibility
Of which fate & creation were singing
In immemorial lucidity

3/4 Poem

Physical & moral uncertainty
Are infectious components of living
I lament that each soul’s morality
Is equally lost & unforgiving

39 Days of Meditating Sonnet

My growth in this month of meditating
Has been somewhat futile, I’ve not changed
Thought it might be somehow motivating
But what I have met is the me that’s strange

The ability of this distraction
To entertain me with my memories
Has given something deep within traction
To reimagine my self-pillories

For what I am certain of, this month later
Is that I am an eccentric being
That will not be a participator
In the production of a strong glass ceiling

So here I sit finding the right couplet
Not writing papers to fill my wallet

Meditation Metaphysics Sonnet

I want to believe that there is something
Out there, ineffable, but somehow real
That I can share in, participating
In a “beingness” that is a big deal

I want to subconsciously understand
That there are realities far beyond
That mere mortals capriciously demand
But I know that to us it won’t respond

I stand here on the shore, or the surface
Looking out at the vast unknowable
Trying to hold quotidian purchase
Aware that both realms are valuable

If universal self-knowledge sublime
Were available, there would be no crime