~waiting for the bus and rain~

1. Waiting for the bus/
As the skies begin to rain/
Just looking around/

2. Nervous quickened strides/
Gamble by not running/
To beat the rain drops/

3. People’s nonchalance/
Is the thin false bravado/
Facing summer rain/

4. Man lights cigarette/
Determined to beat the rain/
With flaming pleasure/

5. Made-up women pop/
Cheap umbrellas for first drops/
Protecting their paint/

6. The Damp crowded bus/
Over-run with aromas/
Sticks like damp vinyl/

7. Woman next to me/
Smells friendly like vanilla/
Perfume or a drink?/



4 responses to “~waiting for the bus and rain~

  1. for #7 i vote drink simply cause I want one..lol

  2. But the people who drink vanilla are usually people looking for an easy-to-steal sip of booze.
    I knew a woman who tracked down a baking supply company to buy gallons of cheap vanilla.

  3. LOL @Corner of Confessions
    @WesternQueensland I like the way that the haikus tell a story as well as having their own individual rhythms.

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