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Crenellated Consumerism Sonnet

This Elaborate Crenellated Castle
That King Consumerism constructed
Solves millions of problems: there’s no hassle
& it seems great, but lies are deducted

Casino decks have built this house of cards
With impressive engineering, lacquered
To make it look like we’ll escape life hard
But the planet & ev’ryone’s Knackered

We all live in a Rube Goldberg Machine
Built of naïveté’s faith in markets
For centuries “we” came out extra clean
But t’was running on the 3rd World’s sprockets

Now the mendacious reality gives
Us the bill, & Capitalism grieves

Interconnectedness Sonnet

‪This morning I looked down over the highway‬
‪That runs past my city development‬
‪It seemed like a zipper’s tight interplay‬
‪Telling me that all life is important‬

The traffic, cars, trucks, & prison busses
Merged flawlessly together: a stream
Of humanity braided in tresses
(With mechanization that us demeans)

It was like a bright Max Fleisher cartoon
The magical specter of creation
(That for the richest’s an enormous boon
& we participate with elation)

I need to love the life that here exists
Though my dreams of the natural persist

Bernie & Democratic Drag Shows

“Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk 
Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders
[Because democracy’s a bit brisk
For the “blue squad” of capitalizers]”
Sadly in the 1st stanza I mentioned 
Capitalism (I meant unrestrained)
Which by the short sighted’s used as truncheon 
So that there’s no way the rich can be blamed
But giving the ultra-rich a haircut
Seems the best way to America save
These new robber-barons are off their nut
Thinking workers & roads will themselves pave
It is a pity that those with the most
Will not a richer nation help to host
#headlinpoem #headlinesonnet

My Opinion Sonnet

I ponder the headlines & consider

Other soul’s foibles & shenanigans

With mistakes that go viral on Twitter

(Anybody can become saracens)

Next I social media examine

I watch nascent influencers struggle

To secure their 15 minutes of fame

(They can’t seem to the off-button toggle)

Nobody needs my fucking opinion

Humanity & nature’ll continue

Without my sage advice to God’s minions

(I’ll try to accept this as what is true)

So in an enforced silence I must sit

& exist quietly with ingrown wit

Selfie Sonnet

Have I been wearing a mask for so long
To hide my uncomfortability
That I have forgotten it might be wrong?
(Such is life’s discontinuity)

I’m trapped within my luxurious years
Sixty is more than anyone deserves
I have spent most of them within my fears
(I’m still more than anyone else observes)

It’s only recently I have started
Exploring the confines of my cell
I’m looking to find who I departed
(I think that he’s still in here, this old shell)

Such is the question ev’ry selfie asks
Who’m I besides accumulated tasks?

•Parasite• Oscar Sonnet

Because •Parasite• won the Oscar

It suggests the beginning of a change

In the higher brow popular culture:

So People Of Color are now less strange

We indulge in cinematic fiction

Loving the suspension of disbelief

Gobbling up the popcorn-like-action

Simply accepting the assumptions chief

Movies’ humanity is created

It’s a well worn path of structures given

A hierarchy: some are defeated

& Women into Eve’s story driven

But still it is a tiny miracle

That culture’s making things more possible

The Slow Professor Sonnet

I’m reading the book •the slow professor•

That explains capitalism’s model:

The academy is unlike before

Productivity will not thought coddle

Reading it I see how metrics demand

Professors’ short sighted efficiency

Administrators get the upper hand

Experience becomes redundancy

The monastic tradition of learning

Contemplation & then meditation

Is from most Americans receding

Replaced by cheap wealth’s fetishization

Not ev’rything that counts can be counted

Nor every peak need be surmounted

Suicidal Bank Robber Sonnet

‪‪Isn’t most bad behavior suicide‬

‪Of a spiritual or moral sense?‬

‪The addictive criminal crimes are pride‬

‪Trying to embellish our egos’ thence‬

For we have been duped into desiring

“All The Cash & Prizes” of the venal

We are told it’s things to be aspiring

& hence we then provoke the criminal

The end of this lie’s line was a bullet

In a public bathroom’s lonely confines

Through the depressed brain (beneath a mullet

For I believe suicide’s Out-of-Style!)

Everyday I see someone quitting

(Not in the positive way befitting!)

‪”Suspect in nine bank robberies kills self after one last‬

Self-Jeremiad Sonnet

I wish I could be a better person
& live up to more of my high standards
For then I’d be of myself, more sure then
(Poems aren’t the place to be candid!)

I imagine I could be happier
Living up to my grand aspirations
I might even dress myself snappier
(It might involve some preparations!)

The “perfect me” is a troublesome man
Ideals purely theoretical
Through a contrived obstacle course he’s ran
(To humanity antithetical!)

Fantasy me, like Frankenstein’s monster,
Of intentions built, will be abhorred

Suburbanization Sonnet

Suburbanization’s Corporate Welfare

Highways out of cities carry money

That America’s government once shared

Amongst all citizens much more fairly

Highways & subsidized “public” Parking

Stole money from people outside of cars

To benefit “modernity’s new thing:”

Automobiles (that drive us apart far)

Driving past humanity isolates

Man from man, woman from woman, people

See “others” as abstract, & as ingrates

That interfere with’th speed worship steeple

The car you love so intensely costs you

Ability with others to commune