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COVID Sonnet 4-27-20

Human indecision is crippling
& the stasis of the quarantine hurts
Even those rays of light that are us stippling
At the bottom of this evil forest

We have all had our quests rendered useless
By the machinery that fulfills dreams
‘Cause it’s built on a model so ruthless
Even the victorious it demeans

The climax is unimaginable
With byzantine horrors revisiting
This world that was once so amenable
The protagonists’ Hell is sizzling

The three act drama of reality
Is collapsing in inhumanity

Crenellated Consumerism Sonnet

This Elaborate Crenellated Castle
That King Consumerism constructed
Solves millions of problems: there’s no hassle
& it seems great, but lies are deducted

Casino decks have built this house of cards
With impressive engineering, lacquered
To make it look like we’ll escape life hard
But the planet & ev’ryone’s Knackered

We all live in a Rube Goldberg Machine
Built of naïveté’s faith in markets
For centuries “we” came out extra clean
But t’was running on the 3rd World’s sprockets

Now the mendacious reality gives
Us the bill, & Capitalism grieves

Social Media Sonnet 3-11-20

I hollar here on media social
Impotent, invisible little screams:
That will have no effect, nothing crucial
But that’s pointless modernity, it seems

The sad compulsion to be recognized
Is a byproduct of society
That has been remade hierarchicllized
It’s clearly a moral infirmity

So when you see some wittiness tweeted
Smile at the pathetic social display
Of someone who wants to be completed
By approval of others in some way

I wish I could accept my life’s beauty
For what it is, without sharing’s duty

Social Media Sonnet 3-1-20

‪I’m about my #headlinepoems thinking:‬
‪& It’s a sobering understanding! ‬
‪I realize most of them are trolling ‬
‪(That’s the point of social mediaing) ‬

How’s it that I have become so focused
On passive aggressively angering
Those who, people ǝʞıן me, never noticed?
(Am I a truer self realizing?)

For my month away from Facebook’s newsfeed
With all its dubious solutions
I noticed that it fulfilled a strange need
(Now I see it is a bad institution)

Undermining the status quo will not
Function here on capitalism’s bot

Selfie Sonnet

Have I been wearing a mask for so long
To hide my uncomfortability
That I have forgotten it might be wrong?
(Such is life’s discontinuity)

I’m trapped within my luxurious years
Sixty is more than anyone deserves
I have spent most of them within my fears
(I’m still more than anyone else observes)

It’s only recently I have started
Exploring the confines of my cell
I’m looking to find who I departed
(I think that he’s still in here, this old shell)

Such is the question ev’ry selfie asks
Who’m I besides accumulated tasks?

Meditation Sonnet (1-18-20)

When I meditated today my mind

Was invaded by negativity 

If I observed thoughts -forward or behind-

All I saw was the world’s bleached perfidy

Somewhere in this vexed Sahara desert 

Of ingenuity’s bright treachery 

It occurred to me: these thoughts are what hurt

The joy of this life in Fate’s rookery 

It’s up to me to observe creation

This life, the only one I’m guaranteed 

With curious youthful fascination

Always looking for life’s perfection’s speed

By meditating for twenty minutes

I discovered a path to Joy’s ingots

Truism Sonnet

The people who mind really don’t matter

Concerned predominantly with themselves

They want their own idea of better

They refuse to accept what’s on the shelves

The people who matter, don’t really mind

They accept all our flawed humanity

Whether they agree or not, they are kind

These people are less caught by vanity

If you accept & internalize

This little chiasmus, you will be fine

You’ll not other people have to despise

For the will choose their own personal line

Know that the final barometer

Is just your own personal measure

Age’s Shipwreck Sonnet

I find myself without any rudder
Floating through this existence of mine
There are shores & rocks that make me shudder
But if I look up heaven is divine

I find myself without any ballast
Bobbing high atop life’s meaninglessness
I row frantically, my hands are calloused
I float a silken sea of seamlessness

I find myself without a sail or keel
A survivor in an open dinghy
I long for youth’s intense meaningful feel
As I eat survival rations stringy

If you live long enough you see the sea
& its many watersheds start to flee

Fast Food Jazz Hands Sonnet

Jazz Hands in front of President Lincoln
Re-enact our cultural heritage
We think it was “darkies” we were punkin’
But it was ourselves that we disparaged

We thought we could belittle the minstrel
But it was ourselves blackface diminished
For America’s the joke cultural
Even when “Amos & Andy” finished

For the minstrel show that we once laughed at
Has become “Pravda,” state television
Operated by Fox-Securitate:  
The free-market’s pathetic reduction

In the curtained wings of the world’s grand stage
Our nouveau-riche land is showing its age

American Greatness Lies Bleeding Sonnet

Abraham Lincoln airily declared

“With malice toward none[:] charity for all”

& then was like a dog by racists slayed

Thus continuing America’s fall

Into the deepest abyss we have moved

A trench under five miles of racism

The rotation of our caliber grooved

Marching blithely towards modern fascism

The Identity Politics of Race

(Thought to be the scourge of all us colloreds)

Has taken DW Griffith’s face

& will drag us down with these poor dullards

The American Election has said

World War Three’s coming bringing death instead