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Subway Slashing Sonnet

train victim diptych

There are two unfortunate souls right here
The pregnant woman whose young face was slashed
Thinking about being a new mother dear
(& how to keep herself together lashed)

The other’s ridden life’s roller coaster
Hoping the bottom of the descent’s near
When younger, perhaps she was a “toaster”
Angel Dust, Dope: starting with pot & beer

So onto train ventures the mother new
Avoiding she that’s fighting her demons
(Beelzebub says: “don’t let her dis you!”
Sitting elsewhere was what that was seemin’)

Into her bags she reached for the bright shiv
Payback for dis was what she did give


Ode To Today

In all of my boring redundancies 

I continue to see life’s novelties 

For humanity’s great insurgencies

Assault me with stunning velocities 
This year’s seemingly fascist takeover 

Is the Phoenix’s violent escape

From the prison to which we’ve surrendered

Freedom under conformity is fake
Oversimplification of living

Religion’s most palatable optics

Will maintain the laity’s infighting

& keep us from injustice’s topics
Who says that we have to participate 

In people’s lives that we disagree with

It seems to this layman the debate’s fake

For most others are neither kin nor kith 
Freedom involves the liberty to err

& let your three year old play with pistols

For the racist “right to bear arms” is there

“Well-regulated militia” diapers 
If people find their lives so meaningless

That only Afghani heroin works

Let them buy the oblivion painless

& become state sponsored addicted jerks
It the daughter you’ve imperfectly loved

Gets impregnated by the proxy, Pete

She needn’t have all her plans aside shoved

To do Bible interpretation neat
& there’s one more thing I want to say here

You have no right to humanity flee

The automobile is a convenience dear

But we must stop subsidizing driving, see 
Cars must bear the cost to society

& the environment their ease destroys 

Walks near others evolved humanity

“Ghettos” of “others” are just racist ploys
I’m glad that I said these words to the wise

To my way of thought, life was once better

Think of what freedom means, don’t me despise

Try to be a liberty abettor 


We are in debt to the one percent

& the system’s continuity 

We enjoy the modernity meant

By all of this superfluity 
Beautiful cars: living rooms on wheels

& Amazing smartphone devices

Televisions (on which we got deals)

All ʇɐɥʇ which we didn’t check prices
We owe this money to the future:

Rockets & self-driving hover cars

The things that their fantasy sutures 

Onto our needs: peace, food, & shelter
We owe two-hundred-thirty-three-trillion

To keep our corrupted momentum

Perfect Imperfection

26. Beginning is hard/
Accepting imperfections/
& trying again/

27. I accept this life/
Celebrate the imperfect/
Accepting myself/

27b. I’m in awe of life/
Celebrate the imperfect/
Accepting myself/

28. I will feel no shame/
Because the imperfect self/
Is strangely perfect/

29. This imperfect life/
Is the warped gear that permits/
Perfection to move/

30. Gratefully chagrined/
By the mess I’ve made of life/
Knowing it’s perfect/

New Year’s (Eve) Haiku


7. Time never comes back/
Memories are like cobwebs/ Texturing right now/

8. Right now is golden/
Absorb all its perfection/
No matter how bland*/
#haiku *rough

9. If I time traveled/
I’d go back to that moment:/
Tell you “thanks” again/

10. Your greatness is lost/
In those endless uncounted/
Goodnesses unseen/

11. Your friends saw this good/
Bobbing on the cold surface/
Of our modern lives/

12. Those moments we shared/
Gentle friendship peeking up:/
An iceberg of good/

13. This life happens fast/
Undermining all our plans/
But still it’s perfect/

14. Please enjoy today/
For it’s all that we’re given/
Squander it with joy!/

15. YOU made a diff’rence/
In some unrecorded way/
In my life this year/

16. This moment of grace/
Lies in the vault of my soul/
For eternity/

17. Hope me & my words/
Have brightened your existence/
In some way this year/

18. Instagram, FaceBook/
Photography & Haiku/
Are distracting me/

19. I love seeing you/
Sprinkled in digital life/
But you are legion/

20. My Fifty Four Years/
Have given me so many/
Friends that I value/

21. I cannot keep up/
With all of your small triumphs/
& lead my own life/

22. The Digital noise/
Of Social Media needs/
Technology lent/

23. Maybe a “Ramadan”/
Dawn until dusk without/
Social media/

Independence Day

26. “Independence Day”/
A bloodless simulacrum/
Of revolution/

27. Liberty’s freedom/
Requires the diversity/
That allows greatness/

28. Accepting others/
As they see themselves creates/
Free Americans/

29. Freedom’s true greatness:/
Equality before law/
(Free from OPINION)/

30. My equality/
Erases historical/
Privilege of wealth/

31. Freedom is diverse/
Allowing independence/
For everybody/

32. Our diversity/
Is unimaginable/
To ideologues/

Subjectivity of Victims (or why we like the weak)

1. Adorable pets/
Are cute because don’t have/
2. Modern subjects will/
Protect the most powerless/
To feel meaningful/
3. Faraway poor folks/
Tibetans and Fetuses/
Assuage our egos/
4. Protect those beings/
Who can’t cut our privilege/
Has to be easy/
5. The unborn are not/
Demanding of anyone/
Except the mothers/
6. Protecting beings/
Who are not yet born is easy/
‘Cause they cost others/
7. Tibetans are real/
In China, Nepal & Queens/
Taking no suburbs/
8. Tibetan rights are/
Costs for our rival Chinese/
Not OUR wealth & ease/
9. 3rd world Christians are/
Particularly saintly/
(They agree with us)/
10. Don’t improve the rights/
Of local people who need/
Because we might LOSE/
11. The rights of the poor/
Are reduced to benefit/
The lives of wealthy/
12. In China or here/
Giving the poor more freedom/
Costs powerful more/
13. Give up your own rights/
limit your own privilege/
To improve the world/
14. “Ask not what [the world]/
Can do for you— ask what you/
can do for your [world]/