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COVID19 Distance Learning Sonnet

Truthfully I’m completely overwhelmed
While I sit here trying to teach from my home
I’m caught in distance learning’s special Hell
And my emotions shrink from the unknown

What I do, what you can call praxis
The lessons & instruction’s performance
That achieves a goal through student practice
Is gripping me with fear that’s enormous

The work is more difficult, that is true
‘Cause teaching online is impersonal
Not seeing them, I’m not sure I get through
For me computers are not versatile

But 2020’s pandemic is here
& I’ll do the best I can while not near

Covid Sonnet 3-27-20

I want to take a minute right now
& remind you how fortunate I am
I have a job with a union (for now)

& the paychecks still come (but the work: Damn!)
Teaching in this digital “ur-space”
Lacks the meaningful connectivity

Computer distance learning’s a farce
People lean from their humanity
But let me stop right now & remind you
That we’re learning something fundamental
“The System” will not admit it is true
(But we need leadership governmental)
So fuck white supremacist neocons
Reagan, Bush & them ruined what was strong

Social Media Sonnet 3-11-20

I hollar here on media social
Impotent, invisible little screams:
That will have no effect, nothing crucial
But that’s pointless modernity, it seems

The sad compulsion to be recognized
Is a byproduct of society
That has been remade hierarchicllized
It’s clearly a moral infirmity

So when you see some wittiness tweeted
Smile at the pathetic social display
Of someone who wants to be completed
By approval of others in some way

I wish I could accept my life’s beauty
For what it is, without sharing’s duty

39 Days of Meditating Sonnet

My growth in this month of meditating
Has been somewhat futile, I’ve not changed
Thought it might be somehow motivating
But what I have met is the me that’s strange

The ability of this distraction
To entertain me with my memories
Has given something deep within traction
To reimagine my self-pillories

For what I am certain of, this month later
Is that I am an eccentric being
That will not be a participator
In the production of a strong glass ceiling

So here I sit finding the right couplet
Not writing papers to fill my wallet

Facebook Impotence

Someone sends me an outrageous story:

Some kind of institutional damage

It’s like racism, injustice hoary

Deluded, we think we’re fighting carnage

But we do nothing more than incite pain

No one is better off because we know

Social Media makes anger in vain

On our phones is a drag-ball ( it’s all show)

If we could create any resistance 

On the smartphones we rent from the power

That entertains us with cheap persistence 

It’d be illegal & they would cower

Facebook activism’s a car alarm

It makes some loud noise but does no real harm

Ego Battles Fear Sonnet

All my of fears: camouflaged resentments
Stand at the fortified walls of my id
Waiting for the attacks & inducements 
That from within my superego slid

That moment before battle, nervously 
Awaiting the damage that’s expected
Remembering the peace previously 
That my own heart & soul had infected 

So I reinforce my ego & pride
Make tall stone walls wattled with rough concrete 
Behind these fortifications I stride
Fighting to remain the same: incomplete 

It will only be by surrendering 
That I’ll allow my soul to truly sing

Memory Sonnet

I feel that age is flooding the cabin
Of the spacecraft that I have always been
Forgetfulness, fear & disconnection
Continue haunting me & me demean

The tentacles that were once tendrils sweet
Are reaching from memories’ cold water
Just ’nuff to remind me of an old feat
That I am certain I should remember

I sit in a strange & distant future
Where the rough landmarks of my existence
Erode like sandcastles without moisture
I am holding on here with persistence

But today is another perfect day
& my part I will continue to play

Digital Detox Sonnet

The difficulties detoxes present

Are not only physical withdrawal

But sitting with the feelings you resent

(& not being able to scream or howl)

In thoughtfully not picking up your vice

You are handcuffed to the feelings it hid

It’s because you picked it up to feel nice,

& camouflage emotions (& them fled)

The relief’s not always immediate

Often we have to endure an absence

(This discomfort’s a key ingredient

To reaching some sort of transcendence)

But sometimes we’ve got to take it easy

Even while we must feel low & greasy

Self Pity Sonnet

This feeling of self-righteous self-pity

With which I want to flog all creation

This feeling unbelievably shitty

Is an obstacle to revelation

For, if I want to wander towards freedom

Happiness, joy or just indifference

I have to accept these feelings have come

To make me accept my irrelevance

At the bottom of this tainted wellspring’s

Lethal modernity’s self-importance

Where I displace all of my connivings

& go blame society’s governance

The couplet reluctantly compose

Is that life’s Inferno’s a Hell I chose

Taxonomy Of Mass Shooters

We need a “mass shooter taxonomy:”

(A classification of this thing

Ubiquitous in our economy)

Here I will try to begin it naming

1st they’re mostly elaborate suicides

These people kill when they want to die

If they survive they wanted to choose sides

To some fantasy identity ply

2nd they are the voiceless’s message

When their tweets, posts, memes & screeds are ignored

They feel they need a murderous dressage 

To break through all the ennui of the bored

3rd, & more specific’lly they want

To say something about some injustice 

(Whether real or imagined) they flaunt 

Murderously, their social caprice 

Some are simpleton racists who despise

Blacks, Latinos, Asians & others more

Than they enjoy all of living’s supplies

(They create a fantasy of race war)

I need to quickly add explanations 

Of the commercially motivated

& the Bigger Thomas iterations 

Not many, but difference is noted

Not a few of them choose to blame women

Certainly a form of misogyny 

Thinking that life relationships owes them

(This alienation is unholy)

This is all toxic masculinity 

Where we men blame the sexual obverse 

(Oft’ “performative femininity”

Women’s social incentives perverse)

I should have started with the bullying 

That we think begins with one tyrant

(Truthfully we’re all participating

“‘Favorites’ is a form of violence”)

Let me circle back to the suicides 

(That are to me incomprehensible 

Mental Health sometimes sanity elides

A predictable reaction awful)

Today’s society’s expecting

Or demanding too much of human souls

People think they should be fame producing

Simulacrum of Humanity’s goals