Non Urgent Emergency Room

1. The Q18 bus/
To Astoria E.R./
Afraid of Doctors/

2. Dirty bus windows/
Obscure the present future/
Adding foreboding/

3. I’m afraid of this/
Emergency room visit/
I’m afraid to say/

4. Injuries remind/
Me of my mortality/
This life is finite/

5. This bus ride: noisy/
Conversations of others/
Matter to speakers/

6. E.R. Clerks are good/
Working for creaky system/
Insurance stays paid/

7. Little girl bleeding/
Another casualty/
Of Woodside sledding/

8. Father holds ice-pack/
Doting on his brave daughter/
In accented love/

9. We’re all refugees/
From our usual sound health/
In the waiting room/

10. Concentration camp/
People Waiting for health care/
From indifference/

11. Mother & Son wait/
Hijab & Hip-Hop visit/
Injured family/

12. Nurse turns son away/
Says: “you can translate” winking/
Letting both enter/

13. Old man tells story/
Angling for pain killers/
Spurious details/

14. Facts shouted indict/
Hospitals, projects & clerk/
An expert patient/

15. Russians, Brazilians/
Jamaicans and the forlorn/
In “Camp Waiting Room”/

16. Bengali man’s scarf/
Worn like a scott-plaid head-wrap/
Burberry hijab/

17. Unfortunate day/
Spent in crowded waiting room/
Small, slow tragedy/

18. Wedding ring removed/
Gold dust in the hospital/
From cut wedding rings/


19. Got a shot for pain/
This dislocated finger/
Will be re-wrestled/

20. Ketorolac shot/
Burns while injecting my arm/
Kills the pain quickly/

21. Three left hand Ex-Rays/
With an overworked techie/
And no lead blankets/

22. The X-rays can’t say/
How bad my dislocation/
Or where my day went/

23. Tiny finger fracture/
And a hand surgeon visit/
The day crawls forward/

24. A blind mother dotes/
On a cute nauseous daughter/
Explaining unseen/

25. Bus heading back home/
Hand throbbing insistently/
Glad to be outside/



2 responses to “Non Urgent Emergency Room

  1. Ah waiting room stories. Hope your feeling better!

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