Mindless Accretion Sonnet (7)

Today’s Mindless Accretion

Of our new Technology

Becomes a sick secretion

Of wealth’s dull banality
Bringing pointless ideas

& venal propaganda

Demanding dull Hoseas

& more of wealth’s slanders
Cables, dishes & loose wires

Grow like toxic frothy mold

Up civilization’s spires

As infrastructure grows old
We try to blot out the skies

Retrofitting corp’rate lies

Endless Sonnet


Each wave is identical

Also completely unique

Repetition: practical

Their differences oblique
Each person watching waves

Is completely different

But like banister staves

Cooperate in bent

I sit by the river

Of autos driving by

Observing, I wonder

If there’s a reason why

Why do I consider

The altar of nature?

Morning Sonnet 8-10-15

The morning arrives, an un welcomed guest

Demanding attention, telling stories

Into their conflicts & feuds you are thrust

Each dawn brings you it’s own set of worries
The world never needs to know my feelings

My opinions of people’s shortcomings 

Do not need to infect all my dealings

& interfere with my life’s smooth runnings
Tolerating existence’s problems

And leaning from difficulties’ drama

Builds immunity, a special nostrum

That makes me just like the Dali Lama
I accept all the dawn’s difficulties

The tolerance that they build makes me free

•Gypsy in the Moonlight• Haiku Review

Just finished reading

*Gypsy in the Moonlight:* great
mystery novel

Set in Trinidad
History & Mystery
Bringing them to life

Unique culture of mixing
Brought into focus

Novel of struggles
Before globalization
made us so wealthy

The civilized life 
Of ice boxes and credit
How people once lived

The detective lives
Between two worlds: Trinidad
Native and expat

Colonial traps: 
Collaborate or resist
He avoids nicely

Carnival pan drums
Wartime Litter Invention
“Trini Creation”

Lawrence Waldron Writes
A novelized history
Overlooked greatness

One thing missing
Is righteousness rewarded
Some wealth & respect

*The Sympathizer* Haiku Review


An epic novel
About idealism
& humanity

Viet Than Nguyen’s
Novel *The Sympathizer*
Teaches us to watch
From “Viet Nam’s” war
Back to lust’s true religion
To “his” conception
“He’s” anonymous
Making his particulars
More universal
Just like Ishmael
Anonymous narrator
Waxes Poetic
Racial digression
Of his “miscegenation”
(Muddied purity)
“Not half anything[:]
You’re twice everything”
His mother explained
(Nguyen 134)
Nguyen’s spy novel
Plumbs America’s sad depths
in literature
Ellison, Melville
Hawthorne, Douglass, Poe, Hurston
All resonate here
American id:
“Torture” of “nothing”
Crystallized America
& optimism
(Nguyen 366)
Yankee Paradox:
Our Revolutionary
Impulses now dead
Now America’s
The cruel Torturous Empire
Unseen to itself
A fantastic read
Airy prose is ballasted
With weight of great thoughts

Nothing Sonnet (6)

Nothing really matters

Though we insist things do

History just occurs

Though we don’t think it through

Exist & continue

Struggle or surrender

We can’t change the venue

We live in life’s plunder

The things that anger us:

That which we choose to care 

Just become cancerous

Have no more heft than air

So remember nothing

Will your life improving 

Abyss Sonnet

Into these temporary abysses

Merrily we fling our bodies & souls

As if this misery would dismiss us

From human’s* self-imposed soul sucking holes

The deeper we venture exploration 

The more absence and nothingness we find

The harder it is to play our station

And dream of some mortal human justice

We find within existence’s vortex

Only artifacts of our endurance:

Despair’s abysses will stun the cortex

& synthesize spiritual assurance

Don’t seek the abyss of nothingness yet

Life, humbly-well-lived, will better get