Exotic Queens

Working class Queens is as exotic

As Tibet, Samarkand or Guyana

But to see it’s a trip quixotic

You leave New York for this nirvana

New York fled Manhattan years ago

The place anyone could live is gone

To the outer boroughs we did flow

From the wave of wealth we fled anon

While Brooklyn has the wealthy virus

Queens remains open territory

Un conquered by 1%’s Cyrus

All nations are in inventory

Most of Queens remains ungentrified

Because here neighborhoods never died

The Future’s Unwritten Sonnet in 7

The future’s unwritten
We wander forward freely 
We’re rewarded or smitten
We must move ahead steely

Disasters or triumphs come 
Because that is how life is
What happens, comes & is done
Enjoy it for this is bliss

Blesséd texture of living
Comes in rough and smooth patches
No One pure luck is giving
Nor battens heaven’s hatches

We’re here today existing

The myth of G_d’s persisting*

*Can’t decide on final couplet, choose your favorite & tell me in comments: *While G_d’s myth’s persisting

Spending Time On Facebook Sonnet (8)

Time on Facebook Sonnet (8)

I love spending time on Facebook

& seeing the things that matter 

To my friends (remade electric)

(Relaxing digital patter)

Loves, causes & those outrages

That inflame us without moving 

Anything outside our cages

(On my couch I sit there grooving)

All the selfies changing faces

Background or foreground images

Tell me I am going places

(Even if just women’s rest rooms)

I stalk the life I used to have

With my social media half

Racism’s Reason Sonnet

Racist outrages shock our consciences
Shootings, lynchings & incarcerations
Call into question myths of justice’s
True mechanical machinations 

Shortcomings continue year after year
Confounding well intentioned people
But it doesn’t take demographers near
To see that this system’s been unequal

Reform never gets any real traction
Because this constitution benefits
Our Caucasian affirmative action
Which, good white people quietly admit

Racism is no accident for us

It is white people’s social insurance

Luxury Kills

The average American life is good

Food, shelter: all the necessities

Many can beach vacation if they would

But is this happiness’s recipe?

Things that seem to make our lives easier:

Cars, elevators & cellular phones

Seem to only make our lives speedier

But but all those devices weaken our souls

Life is better with every gadget

Technology solves all of our problems

But I don’t feel the joy of the ads yet

I’m happier when, issues, I solve them

Real human strength is built of resistance

This Friction makes “Life” out of existence

The Bottom Sonnet Seven

Struggling for the Bottom

I reach for something solid

Weightless waterlogged flotsam

This environment’s squalid

Nothing is clear down below

& nothing comes easily

These circumstances bestow

This clarity queasily

But I must reach these dark depths

Though salvation’s up above

‘Cause what matters more than rest

Is all my guilt to absolve

So struggle to stand erect

The righteous aren’t too select

Grading Wishes Sonnet

I wish I could reach them all

And inspire more effort

I hate it when they fall

Into despair’s desert

But they don’t have the time

Or any quiet space

Where they can sit and try

To work out life’s big race

Commuter college

Competes with busy lives

Academic knowledge

Alone, won’t let them thrive

I can’t communicate 

That classwork makes their grades