Meditation Sonnet Warp & Weft

Meditation Sonnet (2-27-21)
Does living have any larger meaning?
There anything behind reality?
Which we’d learn more of, by examining?*
(Or do we find it there in vanity?)

It there is any unseen significance
To the warp & weft of our lives’ fabric?
& is it put there by magnificence?
Or is it just life’s tawdry brac-a-bric?

What if ev’rybody gives life import?
(No matter how wholly unqualified)
Do common people common cares insert
In existence’s tapestry here plied?

Or is life Penelope’s cloth so light?
Woven by day, & unraveled at night?
*That should be interpreted through gleaning?

Meditation Sonnet (11-5-20)

Meditation Sonnet (11-5-20) ________________________

I have the need to complain constantly
Because, in some way, I want to control things
(Consciously I’ll deny adamantly
That this bossiness me any joy brings)

The need to extract admissions of guilt
From where my Midas index finger points
Turns all creation to some kind of silt
Thus my need to be right, life disappoints

The vein of gold running through this basalt
Is that what motivates me is the “need”
To be right, that justifies my assault
On the sloth I see convenience decreed

Sanctimony’s superiority
Camouflages inferiority

Meditation & Imagination Sonnet

Meditation Sonnet (2-26-21)
My meditation is like a novel
Where I close my eyes & visit places
It could be a grand dream or a hovel
I find monkey mind & its faces

It’s truly a “book of sand” I open
Where I can never find the tale’s next page
& each time I must have some more caution
It can be romance, porno or revenge

I’m like Cervantes’s antihero
Completely deluded by romances
Whose reality is a dreamed zero
But by these stock scenes my life advances

I am as crazy as Don Quixote
Looking for wrongs that I think I can slay

Tiger Woods Headline Sonnet

Tiger Woods’ whole life is operatic

He Arrived The Messiah of Golfing

Dark Skin To Erase Racism Chronic

(America Needs More Than Symbolic)

I must footnote the hagiography 

That certain people are cursed or blessed with

Extra rations ‘cause of celebrity 

Lets them believe untrue “better than” myth

The “fame industrial complex” lies

To shortchange the most common citizen 

So that they can sell outrageous supplies 

& diminish millions of common men

So thinking of that mixed race prodigy

I realize that fame is blasphemy 

#headlinepoem #headlinesonnet

Golf Without Tiger Woods? His Fellow Players Can Barely Imagine

Gossip’s Archeology Sonnet

We try to ascribe meaning to make sense
Of the events & results of living
We sit in our mind’s & look o’er the fence
At what fate’s actions are delivering

We try to weave some symbolic blankets
That have markings of important portent
We give meanings to these actions’ trinkets
To invent the nakedness of intent

We look back at actions & embellish
Them with meaning that may or may not be
True in any way that we can cherish
Events happen in life & then we see

Archeologists are sanctioned gossips
Giving meaning a that the mind posits

Quarantine’s Momentum Sonnet

I am building momentum for staying
Away from society’s other souls
I’m getting better staying home playing
Multiplayer artificial roles

Netflix is now a passé distraction
& I still’ve not made a great work of art
But in my padded chair I’ve got traction
In doing nothing I’m doing my part

I feel quarantine’s velocity
Like the unnoticed speed on a highway
That remains unfelt until tragedy
Drags you across painted lines, away

This interregnum has its impetus
That’s become increasingly dangerous

This Minute, Right Now, Is Perfect

This instant right now, that we’re living
Is the best moment in all history
I’m not shucking & jiving or lying
Just know: Life’s a total mystery

Some dream of a future when Jesus comes
& returns primitive socialism
A free-market heaven, right along hums
God’s heaven is the new communism

Others wax poetic’ly of the past
Wen sexual & racial repression
Delivered what is now considered class
But in that too, we can find division

The past & the future, Heaven & Hell
Are places we mortals will never dwell

Meditation Sonnet (7-13-20)

Race-Power-Discourse Sonnet

Power’s interconnected discourses
Shuffle & are collated through our minds
At one end we demand the resources
At the other end we don’t trust my kind

We are accustomed to a soft system
That leaves most legislation unwritten
It is mostly by melanin driven
With Caucasians perennial victims

This system is a tidy prism
We have victimizers & we’ve victims
They’re designated by racism
Empowering those who make the dictums

So when you get unfair advantages
Concede your place on race’s

Time Accretes//Time Erodes Sonnet

Time makes most artifacts irrelevant
For things are tied to specific moments
The jewelry that was once elegant
Will become superfluous in just months

It is funny how things lose relevance
After the sun sets a couple of days
That is a merciful elegance
That with our eternal mind plays

Technology makes these things redundant
Everything can be replicated
Making souls feel they could be replacements
Of anyone else that’s indicated

The accretion or erosion of time
Shows weakness of metaphorical minds