Religious Fetishes Headline Sonnet

The American fetishization
Of murdering “those people” with fire arms
Started as pilgrims’ inspiration
(They were competing with the Pope’s concerns)

“The [Rank] Myth of the ‘Good Guy With a Gun[‘s]’”
Religious Roots [of Genocidal Christ
It hurts me how colonization runs
(True adherents, forgive my salty spice)]”

The west learned gunpowder from the Chinese
& immediately began to fight
Making weapons to colonize & fleece
(Taking over evéry place for spite)

I am sorry I am so cynical
But religion’s behavior’s abysmal

Suburbanization & Mass Shootings Sonnet

I live for the crowded city street
Which I know is not for evéryone
But let’s these uncomfortable truths greet
(When you drive past everybody, we’re done)

The alienation of vehicles
Where you can act like you’re separated
From people, are Detroit’s encyclicals
(Automobiles must be venerated)

Cars manufacture this sick psychic space
Parasitic psychological mold
Infests moistened attics, behind the face
(So shooting “them” becomes a truth that’s bold)

Of these mass shootings let’s inventory
Car culture’s the unifying story





Digital Opinions’ Cancer

The world will be better without my thought
For I recycle judgement’s opinions
Into continuation it’s all caught
(Making me social media’s minions)

Twittering my anger is cathartic
It’s a digital “virtue performance”
Like the pompous music operatic
(“Thoughts & Prayers” is moral insurance)

The moral grammar of today requires
“Silicate mucous” of “free market screens”
Where all sing hosannas: our desires
(We distance ourselves from those we demean)

We’re all levers & gears in this nation
Part of this venal concatenation•





•a series of interconnected things or events

Selfie Sonnet Curiosity

My curiosity diminishes
As my mortal days get more numerous
Trinkets of success seem poor finishes
(For today’s life’s moral onerousness)

The 1st class degree academically
Where I can ask to be called a “doctor”
Strikes me as an act of pomposity
(I’ll let you, my reader, that test proctor)

I am also a proud American
With a military phallus obscene
Although we seem more into jailing men
(That’s how my identity must be seen)

Getting up I see the repetition
Aging I see my moral condition





Climate Sloth SelfieSonnet

There is an abyss we are sinking in
It is seductive & has gravity
This hole’s lubricated with ease & sin
(It paints good works as a calamity)

It is the subject of pornography
Oft’ called called leisurely abundance
Screen savers share its photography
(This lie is retold without variance)

It subtly reemphasizes our lives
By ornamenting the mindless drivel
With which we clutter complexity’s hives
(‘Til Mother Nature drops judgement’s gavel)

So enjoy bottled water & A/C
The dubious pleasures of the lazy



War On Drugs Sonnet

The war on drugs has always been racial
& many police officers know this
It has become a proxy-war spatial
Drugs give our white supremacy bliss

Since the 60s: it was political
A way to limit & hurt activists
Laws used by government most cynical
To suppress dissent: time honored practice

Many of the problems with narcotics
Are actu’lly problems of enforcement
& their clumsy racist semiotics
Used for ego & budget enhancement

It’s easy to see how the war ain’t new
Slavery’s at the root of what we do




#SelfieSonnet 4-20-22

The magic that people take for granted
& the expectations we veneer on
Grow a counterfeit tree of life planted
With which the devil can the naïve con

The splendid abundance some of us know:
Empty calories to the starving man
There’s a different system to feed the soul
I’m uncertain of the ultimate plan

I am losing my patience for today’s
Unending discursive efficiencies
Where we perform obedient displays
Of humanity’s deficiencies

Descartes supposed the “Evil Deceiver”
Who can’t be cut from us with a cleaver



Predator Drone Woes

“The Unseen Scars of Those [People] Who Kill
Via [American] Remote Control
[Our Nation’s Become Very Cruel & Shrill
Worried When The Casualties Eat Our Soul]”

“He said he was being forced to do things
That went against his moral compass.”
Said the Eagle Scout doing drone killings
The chain of command said “get off your ass”

“People often think that this job[’s] goin’
To be like a video game,…I warn
Them, [that] there is no reset button.”
Killing other souls always causes harm

Here Americans can see the villain
In the mirror never ever thinkin’





Perception Sonnet Meditation

I’m caught in the margins of perception
Since my vision validates nobody
I simply observe, I’m the reflection
(Reality’s a concept that’s moldy)

Thinkers, great small & inconsequential
Look all around the world that they receive
From all of their predations ancestral
(It does not much matter what they believe)

But I avariciously hoard these sights
In my experiential memory
Though they come back & haunt me some nights
(‘Cause with the world I’m polyamory)

But what it seems I’m really looking for:
Away that I can somehow matter more

Holly Blackie Left

There is a moment that smacks you silly
Where you learn learn of a recent tragedy
You cannot understand it fully
Although it has clearly diminished thee

Looking back through time on the internet
The threads of your life you’d forgotten
Can make a dangerous ensnaring net
That reminds you that sometimes life’s rotten

“Young Holly Blackie Wrote Me A Poem
Not what I wanted, but is what I got”
‘87, with Walter she went home
(Way back then she was the one to be caught)

I could have lived my days in ignorance
But sadly, like Lot’s wife, back I did glance