Omar Mateen’s Terror Sonnet

Islamic terrorism was Mateen’s

Very last act of closeting himself

This ultra-macho identity seems

Best able to keep his “gay” on the shelf

The regressive revolutionary 

Religious camouflage obscures his doubts

Reducing his life to a binary

Narrative that ev’ry religion touts

ISIL, Al Qaeda & Hamas all

Fight for cockamamie ideas of pasts:

They the harmonious modern forestall 

To try to regain their powers that lapsed

The dreary nostalgia for religion

Is the zealot’s favorite clay pigeon 

Alleged Lover Of Omar Mateen Claims Orlando Shooting Was “Revenge” For Being Exposed To HIV

Darkness Reflected


After Finals Sonnet

I gave all my classes their last finals

They sat to write in their usual way

Each one performing to their own levels

As I wake the next day I’ve got to say
As much as I resented their papers

& as vexed as I was by attendance

& their rutting & juvenile capers

I am missing their spirits abundance
Coming to class tardy (or not at all)

Talking or texting when I’m lecturing

Ignoring my warnings, letting due dates fall

I still must note their absence with yearning
My students who cluttered my last 4 months

My summer freedom their absence affronts

Grading Today




Confusion Sonnet 5


Vexation Sonnet