Tired Dawn

Someone’s disrupted

This meticulous planning


Hard Day 5

My savage Ego
Imprisons my Id
This imbroglio
Is pride untamed, kid

So let the show go
And live with your faults
Live with what you know
Life can be a waltz

You’re fine as you are
No matter what’s said
You are going far
Try to keep your head

Someone bothers you
Ignore them my friend
Just bid them adeiu
Enjoy life instead

The world is littered
With meaningless folks
Don’t get embittered
Just laugh at the jokes

The irony is
That you’re a joke too
So laugh at this biz
Accept that you’re screwed

I’m having a blast
In this dizzy world
An iconoclast
into this life swirled

I’ll never forget
That life isn’t great
Others I must let
Their own planet make

It’s not about me
Or anyONE else
It’s pride that we flee
That prison of self

Work Week Sonnet Six

It is only Tuesday
But this week feels agéd
In my soul it’s Thursday
Work amplifies stages

Mistakes continue to
Add to previous weeks
Errors’ blizzards accrue
Making me an antique

The thoughts of so many
So imperfectly said
Begin “the uncanny”
Cluttering in my head

The teaching industry
Simply abuses me

Weekend Sonnet

This weekend’s evaporating

In relaxation’s warm bright light

This is sloth invigorating

Battling work with all it’s might

The students’ papers need grading

The apartment should be cleaned up

But down-time I’ll not be trading

For my students’ ego wallop 

I’m relaxing on this warm beach

Of dreams, eating & family

Work kept safely out of my reach

A weekend wasted cannily

So when Monday ambushes me

I’ll look back & remember peace

Capital (Punishment) Sonnet

This Barbarity of killing people

In dark alleyways or bright death chambers

Shows humanity’s morally feeble

When we act upon our righteous anger

Terrorism, the powerless’s war

Kills innocent bystanders to strike fear

“Justified,” declared wars, just hurt the poor

To control people & resources dear

Capital Punishment obscures this

Brutal hubris of self centered anger

By involving people, laws and “justice”

To legalize murders in death chambers

When someone is executed by us

We mimic the orange jumpsuits of ISIS

Experimental Sonnet Made of Tweets

dogwalk sonnet collage 1

There’s nothing more than the beauty you see
Shapes, colors, actions & relationships
Everything is perfect, just let it be
People who want more: segregationists

So when you find yourself searching for more
Examine your environment closely
Admit that no one alive’s really poor
We exist in paradise, mostly

So, please, enjoy your mundane paradise
The people, the places & the things here
Are all pretty versions of G_d’s true face
This universe is built of things quite dear

We’re sitting in this absolute heaven
Wanting still more to us to be given

I Wrote A Poem While Grading 2

I wrote a stupid poem this morning 

It was about teaching and my classes

Its inspiration came without warning

While grading papers without my glasses

I was struck by the strange intimacy

That reading people’s writing demanded

I was correcting a paper lazy

When I learned that no one else had listened

Though I’m just her eccentric professor

I do spend the time to read ev’rything

Strangely I’ve become her sole confessor

I’m paid to do more than just correcting

But the truth is that I still can’t grade dreams

Just writing typed & printed by the reem