•Gypsy in the Moonlight• Haiku Review

Just finished reading

*Gypsy in the Moonlight:* great
mystery novel

Set in Trinidad
History & Mystery
Bringing them to life

Unique culture of mixing
Brought into focus

Novel of struggles
Before globalization
made us so wealthy

The civilized life 
Of ice boxes and credit
How people once lived

The detective lives
Between two worlds: Trinidad
Native and expat

Colonial traps: 
Collaborate or resist
He avoids nicely

Carnival pan drums
Wartime Litter Invention
“Trini Creation”

Lawrence Waldron Writes
A novelized history
Overlooked greatness

One thing missing
Is righteousness rewarded
Some wealth & respect

*The Sympathizer* Haiku Review


An epic novel
About idealism
& humanity

Viet Than Nguyen’s
Novel *The Sympathizer*
Teaches us to watch
From “Viet Nam’s” war
Back to lust’s true religion
To “his” conception
“He’s” anonymous
Making his particulars
More universal
Just like Ishmael
Anonymous narrator
Waxes Poetic
Racial digression
Of his “miscegenation”
(Muddied purity)
“Not half anything[:]
You’re twice everything”
His mother explained
(Nguyen 134)
Nguyen’s spy novel
Plumbs America’s sad depths
in literature
Ellison, Melville
Hawthorne, Douglass, Poe, Hurston
All resonate here
American id:
“Torture” of “nothing”
Crystallized America
& optimism
(Nguyen 366)
Yankee Paradox:
Our Revolutionary
Impulses now dead
Now America’s
The cruel Torturous Empire
Unseen to itself
A fantastic read
Airy prose is ballasted
With weight of great thoughts

Nothing Sonnet (6)

Nothing really matters

Though we insist things do

History just occurs

Though we don’t think it through

Exist & continue

Struggle or surrender

We can’t change the venue

We live in life’s plunder

The things that anger us:

That which we choose to care 

Just become cancerous

Have no more heft than air

So remember nothing

Will your life improving 

Abyss Sonnet

Into these temporary abysses

Merrily we fling our bodies & souls

As if this misery would dismiss us

From human’s* self-imposed soul sucking holes

The deeper we venture exploration 

The more absence and nothingness we find

The harder it is to play our station

And dream of some mortal human justice

We find within existence’s vortex

Only artifacts of our endurance:

Despair’s abysses will stun the cortex

& synthesize spiritual assurance

Don’t seek the abyss of nothingness yet

Life, humbly-well-lived, will better get

Old Photos Sonnet

Old photos are fountains of youth

Capturing happy memories 

Keeping our histories as truth

The past is kept: caged canaries

Fading images we look at

Strongly remind us of those times

When we made choices: no regrets!

(Decision-less times are “life-prime”)

Awkward pose & outdated clothes

(Compensated for with smooth skin)

Emphasize happiness youth knows

(That search for original sins)

Treasure all those old photographs

They can keep you laughing youth’s laughs

“Inside Job” Sonnet

“Happiness is an inside job”

No one but ourselves can please us

Don’t look to wealth or churches’ God

“Worldly Pleasure” insults Jesus

True happiness is fulfillment 

It’s found deep within your being

It’s not another installment 

Or product you can go buying

If you want more than just freedom

Your goals are pro’lly not your own

Happy with less is not treason

Greed: into your heart has been sewn 

Look to your heart & soul & find

True happiness is “peace of mind”

Exotic Queens

Working class Queens is as exotic

As Tibet, Samarkand or Guyana

But to see it’s a trip quixotic

You leave New York for this nirvana

New York fled Manhattan years ago

The place anyone could live is gone

To the outer boroughs we did flow

From the wave of wealth we fled anon

While Brooklyn has the wealthy virus

Queens remains open territory

Un conquered by 1%’s Cyrus

All nations are in inventory

Most of Queens remains ungentrified

Because here neighborhoods never died