Funky Morning Sonnet

Some mornings I awake in love with life

Seeing the poetry in my grading

Others are cut off the week with a knife

Only my depression are they aiding

The fog that encumbers my existence

Obscuring the beauty I remember

On mornings I get up to resistance

Is my hurt soul’s invisible member
Inches above this bleak early morass

Is the surface that I usually

Love o’er the moist depression I lambast

That mornings bring institutionally
I will create my day’s activities

& fight depression with proclivities

Social Media Mea Culpa Sonnet

Sharing my prejudice’s suspicions

On Facebook as news unfolds in real time

Permits me to share my wild opinions

In prose & poems that I think sublime

Occasionally I misread events

Claim amateur terrorism’s “false flag”

& wrongly blame some errant innocents

These are the hazards of being a wag

Sometimes I misread other people’s posts

& write insultingly wrong doggerel

I have to own up to the errant boasts

& work on my shame degree doctoral
This is my mea culpa of Facebook

It’s important I admit I’m a snook

The Last Beard of a Killer

Islamic terrorism was Mateen’s

Very last act of closeting himself

This ultra-macho identity seems

Best able to keep his “gay” on the shelf
The regressive revolutionary 

Religious camouflage obscures his doubts

Reducing his life to a binary

Narrative that ev’ry religion touts
ISIL, Al Qaeda & Hamas all

Fight for cockamamie ideas of pasts:

They the harmonious modern forestall 

To try to regain their powers that lapsed
The dreary nostalgia of religion

Is the zealot’s favorite clay pigeon 

Alleged Lover Of Omar Mateen Claims Orlando Shooting Was “Revenge” For Being Exposed To HIV

Cornucopia of Oblivian’s Workers Headline Sonnet

“Cops bust two men with storage locker stuffed

With Brooklyn synthetic marijuana

[Men are hustling to provide enough

Drugs to make us think we’re in nirvana]”


The demand for a narcotic escape

From unrelenting capitalism

Or noble unending people’s debate

In the lofty halls of Communism


Shows the working class’s lemming-like-march

Towards the artic abyss (where glaciers were).

We have made free time our enemy arch

And we seek drugs & booze to the lines blur


So we seek out ev’rything that’s nothing

To keep us from feeling past our greed’s stuffing #HeadlinePoem

Blythe Interiority Sonnet 7


Squandering time with my thoughts
I wander the internet
Looking for outrageous acts
Insisting I know what’s best

It’s only here that I’m whole
Within consciousness’ cage
On this grassy knoll, I stroll
Prospecting for my lost rage

Thought’s value’s underrated
It’s an existence released:
Always free & un-gated
To all but people deceased

So if you are wondering
Remember “Bored’s” a blessing

Headlines Diminish Us Sonnet

“[The New York Daily News Published this mess
To Make Distracted Parents Feel Less Fake;
Southern] Boy Handcuffed & Beaten to Death
Over [A] Missing piece of Birthday Cake”

All of us internet data points can
Feel arrogant superiority
Because we behaved better than this man
Who acted out inferiority

So we haven’t cooked our children’s dinners,
Lunches or breakfasts for a few hot weeks
We can look down at others as sinners
& feel our TV lives are just too sweet

The internet has lowered the bar so
That we can excuse our mediocre flow

1st Day of Classes Sonnet

First day of classes for thing 3 & I
Painful alarm waking me too early
We begin on a year that will fly by
Though each day’s a chance to be surly

The 1st day of high school for our youngest
Her siblings traveled this path’s ev’ry twist
Meaning we must have already done this
Here in verse I am rhyming I am blessed

Bronx science is the big coup in my mind
& I’m interested in how she does
But what’s most exciting is what she’ll find
In her heart, soul & her personal loves

So I will march off to teach my classes
Worrying about her mixing with masses