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Fourth of July 2018

What to thinking Americans is this

Holiday of our state’s independence

The ironies at this time are adrift

Pointing out avarice’s impudence

I wish that people would read histories

By our pasts’ repressed & hidden subjects

Then today there’d be fewer mysteries

To a more just & fair future construct

But our history’s been corporatized

Expressing only moments of triumph

Therefore justice warriors are resized

So not to diminish marketing’s “UMPH!”

Today there’s a frightened American

Who thinks only might makes us “great again”


Uneven Identity

It begins again
Media hypocrisy
Reinforcing men
Masculine Sacristy

It begins again
Canonization sexy
Creating women
A false domesticity

It begins again
A fake serenity
The past is re-run
Counterfeit identity

Identity made
To negotiate culture
Becomes a charade
Lies’ infrastructure

The soul I’ve become
In society’s labyrinth
Untruths that I’ve spun
Are Lies’ temple’s columns’ plinths

It all ends sometimes
Life’s uncertainty
Destroys our sublime
Fate’s an entity

Reading the scriptures
Of this barbed reality
Written in markers
Common Man’s humanity

To the winner’s history
That never forgive
Avarice’s mystery

Kids, Culture, Commodity and Identity Haikus


Kids grow digitally

1. Watching friends’ kids grow/
On my kids Facebook pages/
Makes me more grateful/

2. Gothic tragedy:/
Predictable reaction/
To suburban living/

3. Accepting blonde hair’s/
Identity erases/
The soul within you/

4. Rejecting image/
Society gives your hair/
Needn’t include dye/

5. Your spirit can make/
Your appearance transparent/
If you live your Soul/

6. transforming your hair/
Is primitive camouflage/
Lacking any verve*/
#haiku *depth

7. We are struggling/
Towards our identity/
Against our culture/

8. Smart people see roles/
Ascribed to physical looks/
As diminishing/

9a. So “goth”-“thug”-“punk” kids/
Have figured out culture’s lies/
And bought rebellion/

9b. So “goth,” “thug” or “punk”/
Kids Have figured out culture/
Trying to fight back/

10. But real rebellion/
Cannot be Internet bought/

11. Prefabrication/
Of rebellion just rejects/
Superficial styles/

12. “Deb” or “thug” or “punk”/
or even the “Anarchist”/
Leave power’s power/