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Dawn Sonnet 3-16-20

As I patiently wait for disaster
With my aggro black coffee in my hand
I observe this fine world alabaster
Knowing that this is all somehow God’s plan

I wish I believed in a Deity
Who sat in a control room watching us
Observing the acts of the laity
Deciding when each one’s final door shuts

Still I naïvely pray to somebody
Though I have no fucking idea who
It is an act of faith, done clumsily
& by talking to myself, dreams come true

In the dozen lines above, I write of
This temporary place: the world I love

Gratitude Sonnet 2-23-20

Enjoy Gratitude without an object

For there is nothing specificálly

To be grateful for if you just reflect

Your thankfulness is less meaningfully 

Appreciativeness becomes magical

When it is sent to an unknowing void

Showing that it’s in no way tactical 

& is with want completely unalloyed 

Give your spiritual indebtedness 

To your living’s orphaned optimism

That lives in a reform school un-witnessed

That’s my “latter-day-Puritanism”

For if gratitude is merely for things

It will never have true faith’s golden wing

History Sonnet

Evérything is absolutely new

Nothing has ever existed before 

This, to meditating Buddhists is true

Others rely on history & lore

Of course, in reality, nothing’s new

Life is recycled pastiche of culture 

We check history for what plan to do

We rely on the past for the future

We’re in an inescapable “right now”

That’s the same as every other time 

We study the past & contemplate “how?”

& manage to miss this moment’s sublime

History is catching up with the world 

& into infamy it’s being swirled

My Opinion Sonnet

I ponder the headlines & consider

Other soul’s foibles & shenanigans

With mistakes that go viral on Twitter

(Anybody can become saracens)

Next I social media examine

I watch nascent influencers struggle

To secure their 15 minutes of fame

(They can’t seem to the off-button toggle)

Nobody needs my fucking opinion

Humanity & nature’ll continue

Without my sage advice to God’s minions

(I’ll try to accept this as what is true)

So in an enforced silence I must sit

& exist quietly with ingrown wit

Chaos Sonnet

Why am I so mesmerized by chaos

Raucous feedback, litter & graffiti?

I know them as problems, I’m at a loss

It is my paradise, my Tahiti 

Like the wilderness’s vines & sharp thorns

Cities’ incomprehensibility

Is the “full pallet” of which Satan Warns

I’m seduced by knowledge’s liberty

Is it because I see my inside out?

The uncertainty of my existence 

Modern society will always “shout

Down” entropy with focused persistence 

Resistance is the natural response 

To artificial order that’s imposed

Personal Poetic Inventory

Why are so many of my poems mean

Criticizing problems with the planet?

(I think it’s ‘cause I want to better seem

& I assess things as problems, damnit!)

Buried in the 1st stanza is judgement

Criticizing the problems of others

(Gives me the sugar high for a moment

Where I’m superior: not their brothers)

Where I’d really be happier being

Is celebrating humanity’s lives 

(Through people’s eternal soul-eyes seeing

That shows me how judgement my soul denies)

I meditate on my flaws to improve

But it steers me to a negative groove

Selfie Sonnet Day XX

I have always been an eccentric man

From my youth, never really fitting in

Or behaving as Society demands

Oft’ preferring• the easiest of sin

My eccentricities are who I am

The little strangenesses that I perform 

Have always combined into this odd man

I’d never* decided: accept this form

While, when it was important, I acted

Normal, well behaved, vaguely regular 

The person of me, I was expected 

Inside was my soul that was insular

I’m who it is that I have always been

I remain astounded you’ve stayed my friend


Often choosing



Taxonomy Of Mass Shooters

We need a “mass shooter taxonomy:”

(A classification of this thing

Ubiquitous in our economy)

Here I will try to begin it naming

1st they’re mostly elaborate suicides

These people kill when they want to die

If they survive they wanted to choose sides

To some fantasy identity ply

2nd they are the voiceless’s message

When their tweets, posts, memes & screeds are ignored

They feel they need a murderous dressage 

To break through all the ennui of the bored

3rd, & more specific’lly they want

To say something about some injustice 

(Whether real or imagined) they flaunt 

Murderously, their social caprice 

Some are simpleton racists who despise

Blacks, Latinos, Asians & others more

Than they enjoy all of living’s supplies

(They create a fantasy of race war)

I need to quickly add explanations 

Of the commercially motivated

& the Bigger Thomas iterations 

Not many, but difference is noted

Not a few of them choose to blame women

Certainly a form of misogyny 

Thinking that life relationships owes them

(This alienation is unholy)

This is all toxic masculinity 

Where we men blame the sexual obverse 

(Oft’ “performative femininity”

Women’s social incentives perverse)

I should have started with the bullying 

That we think begins with one tyrant

(Truthfully we’re all participating

“‘Favorites’ is a form of violence”)

Let me circle back to the suicides 

(That are to me incomprehensible 

Mental Health sometimes sanity elides

A predictable reaction awful)

Today’s society’s expecting

Or demanding too much of human souls

People think they should be fame producing

Simulacrum of Humanity’s goals

Fourth of July 2018

What to thinking Americans is this

Holiday of our state’s independence

The ironies at this time are adrift

Pointing out avarice’s impudence

I wish that people would read histories

By our pasts’ repressed & hidden subjects

Then today there’d be fewer mysteries

To a more just & fair future construct

But our history’s been corporatized

Expressing only moments of triumph

Therefore justice warriors are resized

So not to diminish marketing’s “UMPH!”

Today there’s a frightened American

Who thinks only might makes us “great again”

Uneven Identity

It begins again
Media hypocrisy
Reinforcing men
Masculine Sacristy

It begins again
Canonization sexy
Creating women
A false domesticity

It begins again
A fake serenity
The past is re-run
Counterfeit identity

Identity made
To negotiate culture
Becomes a charade
Lies’ infrastructure

The soul I’ve become
In society’s labyrinth
Untruths that I’ve spun
Are Lies’ temple’s columns’ plinths

It all ends sometimes
Life’s uncertainty
Destroys our sublime
Fate’s an entity

Reading the scriptures
Of this barbed reality
Written in markers
Common Man’s humanity

To the winner’s history
That never forgive
Avarice’s mystery