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Suicide Masculinity Sonnet

Man killed himself because he hated himself,
(His humanity & all its threads).
Blew himself to bits, on his fetish shelf
With the pretty things that peopled his head 

He couldn’t imagine himself getting
What he wanted, in this life of limits
(Culture & religions this abetting)
So he exploded -BOOM- (fucking dimwit) 

Auto-Immune Masculinity bane:
As Toxic as Ebola-Explosive
Drove this wanna-be “macho man” insane
His un-used sperm count was too corrosive

Toxic masculinity’s evil’s edge:
S’Created by tradition’s privilege

Killing Me


In this world there are infinite moments
Being captured in the digital sap
That, in time will become ambered events
We’re all but vermin, eventu’lly trapped

In this photograph, our weaknesses stare
Or look away at the checkered floor tiles
Avoiding thoughts, about whether we care
As we wander our last precious few miles

Look down, look away, close your eyes, or stare
Directly or side-eyed: to the future.
The closer to the bottom that you are
The closer to death you will be sutured

Please forgive me for staring at Yahweh
Ogun, Shivah, Jesus & Allah

Break Time

“Authenticity and choice” oppress me
As certainly as the artificial
Existential freedom just cannot be
Imaginations extrajudicial
He Wrote:
I cannot tolerate the artificial and imposed because I feel the world deeply. That which is authentic and choice-oriented creates necessary energy for me. The artificial and imposed strangle and su…

Source: Break Time

Grading Blue Books Sonnet

Unconquerable morning’s arrival

Placing its jack-booted foot on my neck

I stare down hoping for my survival

Thinking I’m grateful to endure this wreck 
I do my morning chores reluctantly

Culling papers sentences & word choice

Many essays complete tasks skillfully

Explaining why everyone needs a voice
The graded papers reveal weaknesses

Of the lives students must endure these days

They, workers, aren’t more than appliances

To the America that sometimes pays
I’m a cog in the scholarly machine

Grinding rough edges off of human dreams

Elect The Empire Sonnet







Remember the 1st time you realized
That your boss’s plan was better for him?
When you sat, thinking, & it analyzed
How your proposed benefits were a scam?

Your secret dreams and hopes all euthanized
But the shop remained open for your work
The team-work he preached was idealized
(When you asked for your share he was a jerk!)

Well, with your November vote against me
You universalized his lawyers work
(Thinking I was paid too generously)
You gave capitalism its pitchfork

So! You’ve elected your own oppressor
(Come join the resistance to Trump-Vader!)

More Less Sonnet

I composed a sonnet on depression
About waking & seeing no beauty
Makes me want to cancel today’s lesson
This morning’s day seems like a bleak duty

I see no reason for optimism
Can’t imagine how things will get better
Feeling this trapped is totally dismal
& living this sadness will me fetter

I don’t understand Why I feel this way
(I am usually pretty happy)
But, plagued by these feelings I can’t allay
This beautiful life starts to seem crappy

Fourteen lines can never explain sadness
(How it steals hope & delivers madness!)

Funky Morning Sonnet

Some mornings I awake in love with life
Seeing the poetry in my grading
Others are cut off the week with a knife
Only my depression are they aiding

The fog that encumbers my existence
Obscuring the beauty I remember
On mornings I get up to resistance
Is my hurt soul’s invisible member

Inches above this bleak early morass
Is the surface that I usually
Love o’er the moist depression I lambast
That mornings bring institutionally

I will create my day’s activities
& fight depression with proclivities