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Time Accretes//Time Erodes Sonnet

Time makes most artifacts irrelevant
For things are tied to specific moments
The jewelry that was once elegant
Will become superfluous in just months

It is funny how things lose relevance
After the sun sets a couple of days
That is a merciful elegance
That with our eternal mind plays

Technology makes these things redundant
Everything can be replicated
Making souls feel they could be replacements
Of anyone else that’s indicated

The accretion or erosion of time
Shows weakness of metaphorical minds

Bernie & Democratic Drag Shows

“Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk 
Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders
[Because democracy’s a bit brisk
For the “blue squad” of capitalizers]”
Sadly in the 1st stanza I mentioned 
Capitalism (I meant unrestrained)
Which by the short sighted’s used as truncheon 
So that there’s no way the rich can be blamed
But giving the ultra-rich a haircut
Seems the best way to America save
These new robber-barons are off their nut
Thinking workers & roads will themselves pave
It is a pity that those with the most
Will not a richer nation help to host
#headlinpoem #headlinesonnet

Nearly Spring


thoughts and entanglements

This winter felt like a misnomer for most of the time. It has been marked with extraordinarily picturesque skies. Everytime I turned my camera skyward there was that little voice. Nature reminding me that at the very heart of such beauty, may be global warming.

As spring creeps in, I keep waiting for the charm of a proper snowfall. This unseasonably warm winter  seem to have fooled no one but me. The young leaves of the butterfly bush takes a stand. They look sturdy and healthy. They’re not going anywhere, despite their encounter with a transient snowfall. They’ve suffered no harm.

spring comes alive
plant pots at the garden’s edge
wore winter like clutter

Pat R


Dverse Poets Pub where Frank Tassone is hosting Haibun Monday and the prompt is “Spring”

For Ronovan Writes Haiku where the prompt words are “Charm & Harm”

For Eugenia’s Challenge where the prompt…

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Digital Detox Poem

humanity is interconnected

Like threads in a comforter or watch gears

We should ignore the fraying detected

& stop focusing on our mortal fears

Selfie Sonnet

Have I been wearing a mask for so long
To hide my uncomfortability
That I have forgotten it might be wrong?
(Such is life’s discontinuity)

I’m trapped within my luxurious years
Sixty is more than anyone deserves
I have spent most of them within my fears
(I’m still more than anyone else observes)

It’s only recently I have started
Exploring the confines of my cell
I’m looking to find who I departed
(I think that he’s still in here, this old shell)

Such is the question ev’ry selfie asks
Who’m I besides accumulated tasks?

Alphabet City ‘81

Life today, for those of us that survive

Is a magical place with only scents

Of what it was like to then be alive

(& of pain & degradation, just hints) 

I simultaneously lionize

& re-crucify myself with those

Transcendent times of those fabulous lies

(Building against them I finally chose)

All memories are a “nostalgia trap”

That inadvertently draw us back

To the scenes of youthful & wasteful crap

(Only survival gets you in the black)

I stand here writing about history

Trapped in meditation’s blank mystery

Meditation XXI

Today’s Meditation took me places 
I’d almost totally forgotten
I looked over Gramercy’s faces
Ignoring all those souls that were rotten


Without Social Media

I am kidnapped by my thoughts

It is an insidia*

A reality too taught

*Italian: trap or danger

Digital Detox Day 2

An entire day without any Facebook

Instagram, Twitter, Podcast-Radio

(I slipped with a Daily News poem)

But I have slipped off social media

Digtal Detox

I am trying to spend less time on my phone

So I am leaving social media

For February I’ll leave it alone

(For Facebook’s a problem insidious)