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Social Media Sonnet 3-11-20

I hollar here on media social
Impotent, invisible little screams:
That will have no effect, nothing crucial
But that’s pointless modernity, it seems

The sad compulsion to be recognized
Is a byproduct of society
That has been remade hierarchicllized
It’s clearly a moral infirmity

So when you see some wittiness tweeted
Smile at the pathetic social display
Of someone who wants to be completed
By approval of others in some way

I wish I could accept my life’s beauty
For what it is, without sharing’s duty

Facebook Impotence

Someone sends me an outrageous story:

Some kind of institutional damage

It’s like racism, injustice hoary

Deluded, we think we’re fighting carnage

But we do nothing more than incite pain

No one is better off because we know

Social Media makes anger in vain

On our phones is a drag-ball ( it’s all show)

If we could create any resistance 

On the smartphones we rent from the power

That entertains us with cheap persistence 

It’d be illegal & they would cower

Facebook activism’s a car alarm

It makes some loud noise but does no real harm

Ego Battles Fear Sonnet

All my of fears: camouflaged resentments
Stand at the fortified walls of my id
Waiting for the attacks & inducements 
That from within my superego slid

That moment before battle, nervously 
Awaiting the damage that’s expected
Remembering the peace previously 
That my own heart & soul had infected 

So I reinforce my ego & pride
Make tall stone walls wattled with rough concrete 
Behind these fortifications I stride
Fighting to remain the same: incomplete 

It will only be by surrendering 
That I’ll allow my soul to truly sing

I Weary of These Infernal Patterns

Endless Sonnet


Each wave is identical

Also completely unique

Repetition: practical

Their differences oblique
Each person watching waves

Is completely different

But like banister staves

Cooperate in bent

I sit by the river

Of autos driving by

Observing, I wonder

If there’s a reason why

Why do I consider

The altar of nature?

Morning Sonnet 8-10-15

The morning arrives, an un welcomed guest

Demanding attention, telling stories

Into their conflicts & feuds you are thrust

Each dawn brings you it’s own set of worries
The world never needs to know my feelings

My opinions of people’s shortcomings 

Do not need to infect all my dealings

& interfere with my life’s smooth runnings
Tolerating existence’s problems

And leaning from difficulties’ drama

Builds immunity, a special nostrum

That makes me just like the Dali Lama
I accept all the dawn’s difficulties

The tolerance that they build makes me free

Exotic Queens

Working class Queens is as exotic

As Tibet, Samarkand or Guyana

But to see it’s a trip quixotic

You leave New York for this nirvana

New York fled Manhattan years ago

The place anyone could live is gone

To the outer boroughs we did flow

From the wave of wealth we fled anon

While Brooklyn has the wealthy virus

Queens remains open territory

Un conquered by 1%’s Cyrus

All nations are in inventory

Most of Queens remains ungentrified

Because here neighborhoods never died

Dear Manhattan

Your convenience comes from Queens

From the humble neighborhoods

Where workers know what life means

Remember this, if you would

Out of modest houses trudge

Men and women who do things

Some think this work a mere drudge

To us this whole life just sings

Unremarkable borough

Where people just go to live

Find thrills? You must be thorough

More than a shit you must give!

We rob you of exper’ence

By bringing your convenience

I Wrote A Poem While Grading 2

I wrote a stupid poem this morning 

It was about teaching and my classes

Its inspiration came without warning

While grading papers without my glasses

I was struck by the strange intimacy

That reading people’s writing demanded

I was correcting a paper lazy

When I learned that no one else had listened

Though I’m just her eccentric professor

I do spend the time to read ev’rything

Strangely I’ve become her sole confessor

I’m paid to do more than just correcting

But the truth is that I still can’t grade dreams

Just writing typed & printed by the reem 

Garbage Sonnet

Garbage Sonnet 2


My curiosity embellishes

All the detritus of modern living

Seeing waste & litter replenishes

My connection to this great world’s giving


Soberly I realize that life’s junk

Isn’t made for my edification

But In productions’ full caves I spelunk

I’m mesmerized by litter’s invention


Thank you god for these moments with garbage

Your detritus sings me a secret song

Though litter’s capitalism’s carnage

It’s also the charged tea leaves divining


The litter we stream behind us in space

Is the comet’s tail: our visible trace