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Rhyming Review: •The Gargoyle Hunters•

New York’s mood during metamorphosis
The “now” seems particularly cruel
Thus •The Gargoyle Hunters• will begin us
(This is today’s true literary jewel)

The meditations on what New York means
Complete with adolescent adventures
Of a free-range private school nerdy teen
All of which brought back my teen-aged culture

The relegated and crazy mother:
In an informal commune of borders
& the dashing obsessive father
Scavenging & barking out orders

A family painted on black velvet
Of private middle school dilemmas
Puberty and thievery’s strange couplet
Trapping our young Griffin in its clutches

Seeking approval & confederates
A scandalous collaboration’s made
Of two romantic thieving delegates
Who predate architecture’s colonnade

The father’s long term goal, disrupt the son’s
Immature middle school romances though
(But they do infect all the grown up ones)
It turns out we become the man we know

Iconoclastic rev’rence for icons
Is their spiral staircase of DNA
Though their collections give New York lesions
Their compulsions they cannot deny
Personalities’ personal suburbs
Those individuals on the outskirts
Of the mover’s & the shaker’s worlds
Are unfortunately too often hurt

The workers became shock troop of dreams
Marching right across convention’s front lines
To achieve the goals that the dreamer schemes
Little men enabling grand designs

In the end the dream is the loyalty
An all encompassing fidelity
That will become middle-aged pleasantries
Wrapped in older people’s sweet vagaries


Suspended in Now

11. Visit principal/
Over our suspended son/
Angry at school, boy/

12. Defiance conforms/
To the personalities/
Confined by the rules/

13. Supporting your child/
Sometimes means backing his school/
‘Gainst his righteousness/

14. Resent procedure/
Of institutional might/
Still we require rules/

15. Lines between “Ego”/
& organization’s needs/
Blurred by insecure/

16. Rules offer guidelines/
But can be crude instruments/
When Ego’s involved/

17. Papers need grading/
Though some students aren’t learning/
No matter the score/

18. My Ego’s involved/
My prejudices stirred up/
Obedience rules/

19. Accepting the rules/
From both sides of equation/
Will repress* Ego/
#haiku *stifle

20. Life is a blessing/
That is too hot to contain/
In neat containers/

21a. Suspended in Now/
We struggle with G_d’s agar/
That keeps us alive/

21b. Suspended in Now/
We submit to G_d’s agar/
That keeps us alive/

Life’s Meaning

Life always has meaning

Life always has meaning/
Though we mortals can’t see/

Death always comes too soon/
As far as we’re concerned/

Looking for that meaning/
Is searching for “divine”/

Though we cannot see it/
Reason’s meaning exists/

Fumbling through our lives/
We might catch some glimpses/

But like bright shooting stars/
Can’t see eternity/

Metaphysical truth/
Evades human knowledge/

Nonetheless life matters/
Although we can’t know why/

We must just do our part/
Painting life with meaning/

Subway Haikus

1. The city’s vacuum/
Sucks desire from ev’ryone/
Regardless of need/

2. Even the junkies/
Want more than a simple fix/
When walking these streets/

3. The beggars’ stories/
Deserve spoken word Emmys/
For their complex plots/

4. The best stories have/
Misfortune, hard work and hope/
Often with a child/

5. Pregnancy works well/
But mostly for the “fathers”/
(Who don’t have to show)/

6. Six women from work/
Gossiping in Bengali/
One translates for friend/

7. Besides Latina/
They could be by a river/
Washing their saris/