Grading Research Papers Sonnet

IMG_0714 autobiographies sonnet

Grading Research Papers

Paper after paper, written badly
Sing their author’s personal mistakes
Beautiful lives experienced madly
They tell true stories, not one single fake

Tragedies and triumphs in 12 point font
Murders, suicides & unsure thinking
Documented unevenly: youth’s cant
Rebellion, obedience and drinking

In fifty-odd students, you’ll find it all
Skills, effort (experiences alleged)
Things that make scholars procrastinate, stall
No tabula rasa at this college

Grading research autobiographies
Lets me see my student’s real qualities

•Dear White People• Haiku Review

Saw “Dear White People”/
An interesting film/
Provoked some thinking/

Impulse was perfect/
Execution uneven:/
Some great film making/

The deconstruction/
Of privilege was perfect/
On both sides of race/

At the same moment/
Race was remade and unmade/

The sterling writing/
Couldn’t escape the archetypes/
Make real characters/

The stereotypes/
Of villains didn’t bother/
Flat protagonists/

At the same moment/
“Types” were dissected it showed/
Additional “types”/

Identified “types”/
Though both clever & witty/
Just couldn’t escape/

The Show Me State

(Today’s Haiku Journal on Ferguson)

9. Do white people know/
The feelings Black people have/
When cops just kill us?/

10. Don’t live in ghettos/
Suburban Strip-Mall no-wheres/
Imprisoned by cars/

11. Don’t live in projects/
Lego-stacked suspensions of/
Human civil rights/

12. In our middle class/
Pretentions of normalcy/
Black lives lack value/

13. Our white friends can’t know/
Insecurity we feel/
When Blacks are gunned down/

14. Projects or exurbs/
“They are poor in those ghettoes/
So diff’rent than ‘us'”/

15. But to the dull tool/
Of racist policing we’re/
Just some more niggers/

16. Reduce privilege/
And pay the police much more/
We might get justice/

17. Uneducated/
Underpaid police receive/
Unjust Power’s Pay/

18. We need to attract/
Better people to police/
Not red-necked bullies/

19. The black cops we have/
Absorbed the racist power/
Of job they strap on/

20. But many Blacks fear/
Blacks men inordinately/
Just like the police/

21. White supremacy/
Lies all over our culture:/
Suffocating snow/

22. We cannot see Blacks/
As just individuals/
In racist matrix/

23. “Devil’s food cake” is/
The national confection/
Of America/

24. It’s “our” racism/
Contrary statements of race/
Are simple “white lies”/

26. Race is a prison/
We reconstruct for ourselves/
We need more jailbreaks/

27. Lamenting order/
Over human righteousness/
Suggests racism/

28. Tranquility lacks/
The drama of infringement/

25. “Faith has to [function]/
[For us] 24 hour [days],/
Or we [will] perish.”/
#Haiku 16

Hope Is Unavoidable IV

As long as I’m alive, I will believe
Mindlessly, that “the best is yet to come”
I’m aware the savvy’ll say I’m naive
But undying faith is just how I run

Fighting obstacles and problems I see
Unthinking UnDead of Optimism
Clawing, scratching and unyielding zombie
Thoughtlessly battling pessimism

Tribulations’ opportunities are
Well disguised gifts and fetishes of growth
Problems that slow me down let me go far
As I move slower wasted steps I loath

My optimism’s unavoidable
‘Cause this faith makes me indestructable

Today’s Thoughts


My epiphany/
Of my social media/

29. A pithy #haiku/
Explaining or questioning/
My observations/

30. Writing these “bon mots”/
The tiny observations:/
Vanity’s essence/

31. Like graffiti’s scrawl/
I scribble observations/
From my point of view/

32. I vandalize life/
With my snarky opinions/
Never looking back/

33. Most Americans/
Don’t question our privilege/
(We descry our costs)/

34. I’m American/
Complaining of ev’rything/
Working for myself/

35. A trail of bread-crumbs/
In seventeen syllables/
Leading back to hope/

36a. Or a cultural/
Vandal scrawling on the wall/
While building nothing/

36b. Cultural vandal/
Defacing others’ actions/
Building resentment/

37. Accepting heaven/
As configured by others/
Takes enormous faith/

38. Eternity’s cold/
Reaching from infinity/
Visits us today/

“Deafening Silence” Haiku to Sonnet

First Thoughts

I took an old haiku string that I wrote (when I still had the Blackberry) and turned it into a sonnet. As I write haiku I often tell myself that these are placeholders for longer thoughts that I want to return to. Now I have returned to this one that is at least three years old (when did I get the iPhonE?)

Deafening Silence Haiku

1a. Deafening Silence/
Sarcastic Oxymoron/
Of those who were wrong/

1b. Deafening Silence/
Sarcastic Oxymoron/
Of people who’re wrong/

Deafening Silence/
Assumption’s stinging defeat/
In Oxymoron/
Deafening Silence/
Assumption’s oxymoron/
Of total failure/

4a. Defeat’s triumph sung/
By the angels of failure/
Deafening silence/

4b. Defeat’s triumph sung/
Mutely by Failure’s Angels:/
Deafening silence/

4c. Defeat’s rhythm beaten/
Mutely by Failure’s Angels:/
Deafening silence/

Mute Defeat

Suddenly struck by Deafening Silence/
A quiet stinging lash across the face/
Passivity has no less violence/
When the vanquished admits his awful place/

Defeat’s triumph boldly though mutely sung/
Heralded by the angels of failure/
Though the adversary climbs down one rung/
Victory’s got ill-fitting regalia/

Do I enjoy this awful victory?/
For whenever I win, someone loses/
Someone has been vanquished so bitterly/
There lies an ego’s soul flossing bruises/

The averted eyes’ silent aria/
Fatal to the proud as diphtheria/

Gratitude Sonnet

rainy chair haiku
I’m eternally grateful for today/
No matter what obstacles it might include/
Whether it is weather or some delay/
Life is all remade by my attitude/

Regardless of the day’s tribulations/
Today is perfect if I can believe/
That friction and woes are good sensations/
To craft the last person I want to leave/

The pebble bothering me in my shoe/
Is there to show me how to slow down some/
Stop: inventory where I’m walking to/
& how the problem is often begun/

Ease and comfort are often distractions/
I’m grateful for my positive actions/