Spatial Mass Production of Oppression Sonnet

20140618-093744-34664696.jpgGleaming galvanized mass-produced fences/
Looping concertina wire, chain-linked checks/
Assembled minimum wage defenses/
Adorns buildings old & new: the hex/

The architecture of oppression has become/
Leitmotif of modern society/
Protection of pecuniary sums/
From unwashed masses of the laity/

Grand spaces of former democracy/ grows the mold of Guantanamo’s new style/
Easily assembled theocracy/
Detritus of oppression by the mile/

Freedom will be stolen by production/
Not some foreign uniformed invasion*/

*Not some swarthy brown person invasion/

Musing on Privilege

44. I rattle my cup/
Against the bars of my cell/
In luxury jail/

45. Privileged inmate/
Aristocratic prison/
Luxury problems/

46. My gratitude reigns:/
(Don’t worry about others)/
(Work hard & fear “them”)/

47. Today’s “gratitude”/
Must remain unexamined/
Like schadenfreude/

48. These moments of “peace”/
Protected by cruelty/
I never witness/

49. So thanks to the guns/
Dead soldiers and families/
Keep this lie working/

50. My peace is built on/
Oligarchical terror/
Imposed on the poor/

Open Letter to Facebook

Despite all my fine rage/
I’m still a rat in a cage/
Bars of fiber optics/
Locked with apple products/
Through my window touch screen/
I can see systems obscene/
I try to make additions:/
Meaningless petitions/
As long as money’s free Speach/
The internet lacks reach/
So I will go buy stamps/
And mail elected tramps/
Demand better actions/
The real world has traction/
So I’ll shut off Facebook/
And stop being a schnook/
Today I’ll write congress/
I’ll demand some redress/
The internet doesn’t/
Change anything cousin/
I will act physically/
Think philosophically/
Because “tagging” and “liking”/
Totally lack meaning/
So send me a letter/
I like them much better/



Memorial day/
Celebrating unjust wars/
Heartbreaking moments/

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with the blood-soaked mortar
of its youth
high-rise tombstones
mark society’s grave
the graves
of the war dead
are placed
the city walls
marginalized in death
as in life
symbolically recalled
once a year
the chaos of death
is replaced with
designed tranquillity
a park-like environment
to ease the guilt
of the living
for what they’ve
their leaders
to steal
from the face
of the earth

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Nirvana Lost

Nirvana: destroyed/
In a flood possessions/
Purchased to please me/

My limitations/
Provide boundaries I need/
To make me better/

Ev’rything I want/
Pale reflection of ego/
And paltry desires/

Happiness requires/
Limitations’ Acceptance/
And self-denial/

Today’s Meditation (in Haiku)

43a. Escape from my life/
Working inefficiently/
On merest details/

43b. Escaping my life/
Working inefficiently/
On merest details/

44. Terrified of change/
Bullied by angry habit/
I just acquiesce/

45. I lead a charmed life:/
Universe shapes and guides me/
When I can* listen/
#haiku *will

46. My problems aren’t mine/
Problems are our shared futures/
Claims staked together/

47. I am a dreamer/
Absurdly concerned with thoughts/
Now and then #haiku’d/

48. Dreamers frustrate us:/
Their focus beyond real-life/
Accomplishes NIL/

49. Although dreamers do/
Embellish the ordinary/
With human filigree/

50. The useless filigree/
Of humanity’s dreamers/
Fertilizes us/

Godzilla Haiku Review


20. Strangely nostalgic/
Godzilla’s the destroyer/
& our protector/

21. Godzilla combats/
Prehistoric cockroaches/
That eat any nukes/

22. Cities’ destruction/
And our military might/
Godzilla’s set piece/

23. Nuclear troubles/
Environmental lessons/
Are woven throughout/

24. The special effects/
While Stunning are unmoving/
Suspense steals the day/

25. Bridges and tunnels/
Atomic detritus clouds/
Were old school terror/

26. Heroic daring/
By blue eyed protagonists/
Is satisfying/

27. Government Phalli/
Ships, planes, missiles, guns and such/
Cannot save cities/

28. Rescuing the boy/
Who was straight out of “Raiders”/
Was just one homage/

29. The gamma ray breath/
That destroyed the male cockroach/
Should have made him strong/

30. References to/
Old-movie horror were fun/
Filigree to watch/

31. Two separate movies/
Old classic homages &/
New special fx/

32. Battle to the death/
On the 3D IMAX screen/
Smart film-making wins/

33. Without back-story/
History’s Resonances/
Movies don’t make sense/

34. We bring to movies/
Meanings needed to make sense/
Of light on the screen/

35. The “Educated”/
Get more from this Godzilla/
Than wreckage seekers/

36. Critical thinkers/
Can’t miss the hidden lessons/
In Godzilla’s wrath/