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Caring’s Mendacity Sonnet

What hurts the most is our attempts to care

Or, more, it is our desire to appear

Like we want to help others to forebear

(& the cruelty of life to forswear)

This protection of our ego’s standing

In the maelstrom of our society

Is a clumsy attempt at demanding

The golden award of propriety

I heard someone say in Paris one time:

“You cannot save both your face and your ass”

The drunk who uttered these sage words sublime

Knew that posh nobility should come last

You have read 12 lines of my thinking rhymed

In which, on my ego, I’ve dropped a dime


Make America Good Again Sonnet

Hats Read: “make america great again!”

To sell mythical historical lie

Of colonial racism’s given:

Made it easier to be a white guy

“Make America Good Again!” we said

To point out the half truths in the red hats

America’s greatest with unions red

Coal miners, uneducated, earned lots

Our country is being let by its id

Brutally consuming its memory

We’ve become like some six billion ton kid

Rampaging back through bleakest history

Rest assured many will be sent to God

To assuage our damaged egos: that’s sad

Field Trip Self Portrait Sonnet (DRAFT)


Field trips show students things they haven’t seen
Our culture curated for importance
They give professional world view of means
(Value’s interpretation: oft wealth’s stance)

Experiencing original works
That someone has imbued with some value
Lets students interpret works’ meaning’s worth
(And ascertain what they think is really true)

The best field trips do two different things
They show what human culture deifies
& why, to some people, artifacts sing
(& how, of course, curators sanctify)

The best help us to resurrect the past
Simultaneously exposing caste

“Deafening Silence” Haiku to Sonnet

First Thoughts

I took an old haiku string that I wrote (when I still had the Blackberry) and turned it into a sonnet. As I write haiku I often tell myself that these are placeholders for longer thoughts that I want to return to. Now I have returned to this one that is at least three years old (when did I get the iPhonE?)

Deafening Silence Haiku

1a. Deafening Silence/
Sarcastic Oxymoron/
Of those who were wrong/

1b. Deafening Silence/
Sarcastic Oxymoron/
Of people who’re wrong/

Deafening Silence/
Assumption’s stinging defeat/
In Oxymoron/
Deafening Silence/
Assumption’s oxymoron/
Of total failure/

4a. Defeat’s triumph sung/
By the angels of failure/
Deafening silence/

4b. Defeat’s triumph sung/
Mutely by Failure’s Angels:/
Deafening silence/

4c. Defeat’s rhythm beaten/
Mutely by Failure’s Angels:/
Deafening silence/

Mute Defeat

Suddenly struck by Deafening Silence/
A quiet stinging lash across the face/
Passivity has no less violence/
When the vanquished admits his awful place/

Defeat’s triumph boldly though mutely sung/
Heralded by the angels of failure/
Though the adversary climbs down one rung/
Victory’s got ill-fitting regalia/

Do I enjoy this awful victory?/
For whenever I win, someone loses/
Someone has been vanquished so bitterly/
There lies an ego’s soul flossing bruises/

The averted eyes’ silent aria/
Fatal to the proud as diphtheria/

Gratitude Sonnet

rainy chair haiku
I’m eternally grateful for today/
No matter what obstacles it might include/
Whether it is weather or some delay/
Life is all remade by my attitude/

Regardless of the day’s tribulations/
Today is perfect if I can believe/
That friction and woes are good sensations/
To craft the last person I want to leave/

The pebble bothering me in my shoe/
Is there to show me how to slow down some/
Stop: inventory where I’m walking to/
& how the problem is often begun/

Ease and comfort are often distractions/
I’m grateful for my positive actions/

Power (IMBALANCE) #Haikus

Another entry from my twitter haiku journal:

1. Ancient emnities:/
Domestic dogs versus cats/
Contest for handouts/

2. Scarce resources cause/
Un-needed competition/
Our fear creates greed/

3. Constabularies’/
Job, since their creation: to/
Keep “Have nots” from “haves”/

4. Control and power/
Disguised as security/
Eat our freedoms up/

5. Most power corrupts:/
The “Top-down model” creates/
Loyalty upwards/

6. Liberation needs,/
Paradoxically, freedom/
For misbehaviour/

7. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/

8. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/
Formal religion/

9. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/

10. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/
Christian phalangists/

11. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/
Islamic nut jobs/

12. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/
White supremacists/

13. The “top-down-model,”/
Most of all, must be free of/
All Utopians/

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Three Days of Tweet #Haikus

I wanted to post three days of my #Haikus from Twitter formatted, edited and with links to the pictures.  Not only can I get them into columns, but there seems to be an extra space between each line, so this will be an unpleasant blog-post.  If you struggle though, thanks so much.  I am sorry I’ve been so derelict in my updating, but life is now. (HMMM, sounds like a Haiku)

I’m a stress farmer/

Growing prime anxiety/

I cultivate nerves/


I’m a stress farmer/

I grow prime anxiety/

Cultivating nerves/




Headline (#Haiku)

“Tea Party Avoids/

Divisive Social Issues”/

Like helping the poor/


I’m at the age of/

Elastic-stretch waste bands &/

Retelling stories/



Comic barbershop/

Makes me feel old now, sadly/

All comic books age/



I’m at the age of/

Elastic-stretch waste bands &/

Retelling stories/


“Contempt prior to/

Investigation” marks my/

Comments on this page/

#haiku #sorryItextedthat

History changes/

And makes the bold radical/

A redundant fop/


My ambition sleeps/

Curled up next to me today/

Waiting for regret/


Productive urges/

Are curled up here next to me/

On this damp Friday/


The First week of school/

low as a persian rug: floored/

and beaten like dog/


When 3 buses come/

All at one time after an/

Hour’s long rainy wait!/


Haikus: placeholders/

For longer contemplations/

Of the world I see/


“Grade” diagnostics/

And begin to really learn/

About the Future/


Racism: why I/

“Ain’t Reconstructed” The South/

In my Yankee Mind/


Hdln #haiku

“Dance Floor Rejection:/

Man Beats Woman n Bar/

Restroom” (St Pats’s Starts!)/


Chinese grave display-Woodside.

Display grave, chinese,/

Forgotten by concrete wall/

Under B.Q.E./




The Consumer sign/

is an archeology/

Of fleeting times gone/



track bikes are most zen/

the ratio spins the truth/

out of fixed-gear youth/




Andrew Dice Clay is/

Getting “long in the tooth” though/

He hasn’t lost “bite”/



Follicled halos/

Saturning the reddening/

Buzz-cut hipster heads/


Adjuncts are the “crack”/

CUNY is addicted/

To by Government/


My paranoia/

Doesn’t mean that nobody/

Is out to get me/


I told class today/

That they had to teach me Soc./

So I could learn it/


Jesus died for sins/

That humans made together/

In rare harmony/


*double consciousness time*

Even broken clocks/

Are correct twice each day/

I wait for my time/




Look for “the happy”\

in Consumer redemption\

Outside ideas\




I’m hanging ten toes/

over the precipice that/

lies beneath my board/

#haiku #surf

Seven train is stopped/

At 46th street making/

ME late for MY class/


(I made it on time)

There’s a point on Woodside ave/

Where the seven train and landing planes/

Disappear behind the same building/

#queens #poem

Arboreal Rat/

On a concrete wall looking/

At a Photo rat/




I’m a big Hater/

Of ev’rything that is new:/

(Searching for my youth)/


Headline (#haiku)

“Rush Limbaugh ‘races’/

to inject a racial joke/

about [blind Black man]”/


Headline (#Haiku)

(Unlikely Heroes Ed.)

“Leaders in House Block/

Earmarks to Corporations/”

Gravy-Train Derails!!!/


Headline (#haiku)

“More Messages Link/

Senator to Job Effort/”

Crook Politician/


Pierced cheek’s diamonds/

Look like the initial tears/

Of sacred wailing/


Pierced cheek’s diamonds/

Looked like the initial tears/

Of a precious cry/


Trying to maintain/

Gratitude’s good attitude/

In my humble life/


I’ve switched to @Profgee/

On my phone and I miss my/

@wQueens7 friends/


(any suggestions for twitter client on BBerry?)

Five:thirty A.M./

The Eastern sky lightens up/

Summer is coming/



Headline (#haiku)

“I Tickled Aide: That/

Was All, Massa Says” Smiling./

Aide is not talking/


G_d has blessed you twice/

Then gave you your family/

Now for the main course!/


(in response to Adoption completion of friend)

Santeria can’t/

With all its beads & feathers/

Rid the smell of booze/


(seen under El @ 43rd street)

The faint reflection/

I leave of the man I was/

Surprises the few/