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Cancerous Sonnet of Yesterday’s Manifestaci√≥n

Eight years of having a Black president

Upset the thinking of so many folk

So tRUMP lied: claimed “illegal resident”

(Missed that their racism many Woke!)

The indignity that, beside the wars,

Some sprigs of olive branches sprouted out

& that empire-building was not in store

(They claimed he weakened our army stout!)

The Obama legacy might just be

Deflation in the “wages of whiteness”

Militarized police the first to see

(“Black Lives Matter” arrived to bear witness!)

So when the savior of the imagined

Order, justice & prosperity came

& millions marched against, to his chagrin

(Subconscious bigots don’t know who to blame!)
All over America comes the thought

Look at what our selfishness hath wrought