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Bland Warm Beer

Bland Warmbier

Sandra Bland & Otto Warmbier are
Obverse sides of the law-&-order coin
One’s intercontinental travel went far
The other got the role of oppressed toy

Both existences are tragic stories:
Good people done in by crooked systems
Their tales of injustice tired & hoary:
They might well be Old Testament lessons

But our media will defend but one
Defending the undefendable way
Our brutal racist system deals with some
Lamenting Otto Warmbier’s sad display

So as you surf the internet notice
How racism is a given: know this!

Emotional Terrorist Sonnet

I am an emotional terrorist

Disrupting your comforting narrative 

I refuse to be stereotyped just

To let you believe lies superlative 
For I demand my rights in your English 

I refuse to recede to Ebonics 

Though this has made me appear more “Blackish”

I will point out your status quo’s racist
So as you attend to your “tolerance”

Where the norms that have favored you erode

I will continue to shout of your stance

(Condescending & without any load)
YOU must stop the state apparatuses 

From treating us ǝʞıן social fetuses 

Syrian-American Sanctimony 

The latest gas attack in Syria

Pale youth scream in Arabic “I CAN’T BREATHE!”

Sends media into hysteria

On couches, in front of TVs we grieve
Crocodile tears of the perpetrators

We cluck our long tongues, acting innocent

But this war’s ours (we’re collaborators

This is something we chose not to prevent)
We fund The Islamic State by proxy

For they are they are the Wahhabist bastard child

Saudi (& we’re hooked on oil like Oxy)

& we watch the 3rd world charnel house wild
Our lives are built on the ruins of lies

Archaeologists will unearth our ties 

Gutter Sonnet

Cancerous Sonnet of Yesterday’s Manifestación

Eight years of having a Black president

Upset the thinking of so many folk

So tRUMP lied: claimed “illegal resident”

(Missed that their racism many Woke!)

The indignity that, beside the wars,

Some sprigs of olive branches sprouted out

& that empire-building was not in store

(They claimed he weakened our army stout!)

The Obama legacy might just be

Deflation in the “wages of whiteness”

Militarized police the first to see

(“Black Lives Matter” arrived to bear witness!)

So when the savior of the imagined

Order, justice & prosperity came

& millions marched against, to his chagrin

(Subconscious bigots don’t know who to blame!)
All over America comes the thought

Look at what our selfishness hath wrought

Media Failures, Electoral & Moral: Sonnet 

In the aftermath of the inauguration

After tornadoes swept the Bible Belt

National Public Radio began

With a story that looked for the Left’s Faults
Highlighting Blacks’ Absence from the HUUUGE march

& pointing out women’s complicity

In Don tRump’s electoral Golden Arch

(Focusing on what adds legitimacy)

For years I have been addicted to them

NPR updates seemed both smart & fair

But for a while they have been slipping down

This year allowed me to break from their air

The patina of fake “equality”

Has wrecked Public Radio’s quality

More Less Sonnet

I composed a sonnet on depression
About waking & seeing no beauty
Makes me want to cancel today’s lesson
This morning’s day seems like a bleak duty

I see no reason for optimism
Can’t imagine how things will get better
Feeling this trapped is totally dismal
& living this sadness will me fetter

I don’t understand Why I feel this way
(I am usually pretty happy)
But, plagued by these feelings I can’t allay
This beautiful life starts to seem crappy

Fourteen lines can never explain sadness
(How it steals hope & delivers madness!)