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Second Amendment Sonnet

A firearm in hand boosts the weak psyche

•Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun• explains psychology

A pistol needn’t compromise with me

2nd Amendment’s a tautology

White Supremacy’s 2nd Amendment

Guns to bully & slaughter Brown People

First Indians then Negroes targeted

Racism’s the American steeple

I’d always suspected this about guns

They’re part of the American ego

They were somewhat less necessary once

Back when White Supremacy was legal

Guns’re inextricably linked to death

Taking over when compromise has left






Subjectivity of Victims (or why we like the weak)

1. Adorable pets/
Are cute because don’t have/
2. Modern subjects will/
Protect the most powerless/
To feel meaningful/
3. Faraway poor folks/
Tibetans and Fetuses/
Assuage our egos/
4. Protect those beings/
Who can’t cut our privilege/
Has to be easy/
5. The unborn are not/
Demanding of anyone/
Except the mothers/
6. Protecting beings/
Who are not yet born is easy/
‘Cause they cost others/
7. Tibetans are real/
In China, Nepal & Queens/
Taking no suburbs/
8. Tibetan rights are/
Costs for our rival Chinese/
Not OUR wealth & ease/
9. 3rd world Christians are/
Particularly saintly/
(They agree with us)/
10. Don’t improve the rights/
Of local people who need/
Because we might LOSE/
11. The rights of the poor/
Are reduced to benefit/
The lives of wealthy/
12. In China or here/
Giving the poor more freedom/
Costs powerful more/
13. Give up your own rights/
limit your own privilege/
To improve the world/
14. “Ask not what [the world]/
Can do for you— ask what you/
can do for your [world]/

Today’s Didactic Haikus

(Check Back for Revisions [opinions are evolving])
26. Firearms are “manhood”/
In the thin definition/
We accept today/

27. Popular culture/
Equates firearms with power*/
In America/
#haiku *manhood

28a. People buy firearms/
To express their potency/
In an unfair world/

28b. People buy firearms/
To express their agency/
In an unjust world/

29. Ev’ry gun owner/
Shoots at fear or victims, though/
They ‘might’ have antlers/

30. Guns are “protection”/
For the unsafe world they make:/
Owners are fearful/

31. People with firearms/
Live in a world of targets/
Not people & hope/

32. Suburban father/
Rural hunter, or gangster/
Guns make them “matter”/

33. Firearms give meaning/
To insecure people’s lives/
More than achievements/

Celebrity Predators

Thinking about the Penn State Football Greed Cowardice I wrote these poems. I wrote the numbered ones first and added A-through-E the next day. I think, though I may not have expressed it well here, that this stems from the same malady that permits bullying: stardom. Aren’t the cooler kids and jocks essentially schoolyard stars?

A. We allow the rich/
To “get away with murder”/
Because fame matters/

B. The laws of mortals/
Don’t apply to powerful/
To spite our values/

C. Prize college football/
Over children’s innocence/
Because of money/

D. Pleasure of many/
Permits the torture of few/
Until rich get caught/

E. Demand rituals/
Of this consumer culture/
No matter the cost/

21. Humans give extra/
Privileges to people/
With higher status/

22. America has/
Institutionalized this/

23. From the movie stars/
To the pee-wee-ball prospects/
We entitle some/

24. This “entitlement”/
Erodes the rights of others/
To some fair treatment/

25. The scramble for wealth/
Creates and justifies this lie/
That fame equals good/

26. The common person/
Is creation’s true zenith/
There’s your role model/

27a. The celebrity/
Consumerism’s monster/
Makes us unequal/

27b. Celebrity is/
Consumerism’s monster:/

28. Look within yourself/
For that which you seek without*/
We are all equal/
#haiku *in fame