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Snippet of Mortality

Resist or concede it doesn’t matter

Only your mortal coil wanders these cells

Participate or fight: it’s just patter

For the duration these walls are your hells


Work Week Sonnet Six

It is only Tuesday
But this week feels agéd
In my soul it’s Thursday
Work amplifies stages

Mistakes continue to
Add to previous weeks
Errors’ blizzards accrue
Making me an antique

The thoughts of so many
So imperfectly said
Begin “the uncanny”
Cluttering in my head

The teaching industry
Simply abuses me

No Heart

Heart Transplant Dreams Die

A Black man died in Georgia

With no opportunity

Lived the short life of soldiers

& died in iniquity


His bold imagination

Took him to a life of wealth

Though his realization

Did not let him keep his health


He wanted thug life glamour:

All men’s fear and women’s love

For this “respect” he’d clamour

But true fate gave him a shove


Young men live “wealthy dream”

But die when it’s not what it seems


Failed Aspirations Sonnet

All aspirations collapse within me
Into tangled wreckage & commotion
They bear all society’s weight and dreams
Destroying my most personal notions

I can’t live up to the publicity
Created by my world’s expectations
My life with its needless complexity
A mendacious attempt at salvation

Deep within this fleshy walking corpse
Unable to lie down dead with my faith
Beats a healthy heart with a moral course
Dragged like a prisoner forever forth

In this corrupt ethical universe
There’s no place for my feeble moral verse