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Gutter Sonnet


Street Philosopher’s Sonnet

Nights we hung out darkening the corner

Debating our angry impoverished souls

Solving everybody’s problems (but ours)

Getting absolutely none of our goals

We discussed our materialism

How we’d be willing to forgo some things

“Sacrifices” hid our nihilism

So under the streetlights we could take swigs

Our idealism enriches us

With the superiority of youth

Though our western lives have more than enough

We feel obliged to lament third world truth

Street lights shine over ghetto communion

Where Idealists meet in their unions

Lovers’ Lane’s Litter

49Ib. Lover’s lane litter/
“Super Sensitive: Bareback”/
(Cold the next morning)/

49Ia. Lover’s lane litter/
“Extra Sensitivity”/
(Cold the next morning)/

49II. Commercial lovers:/
Free-enterprise of desire/
(Fugitive feelings)/

49III. Anonymous sex/
Along the #Queens #BQE/
Satisfies something/

49IV. Industrial “love”/
Monetized sex relations/
Indict emptiness/

49V. Erection assistance/
Cialis chemically/
Does what lust can’t do/