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American Greatness Lies Bleeding Sonnet

Abraham Lincoln airily declared

“With malice toward none[:] charity for all”

& then was like a dog by racists slayed

Thus continuing America’s fall

Into the deepest abyss we have moved

A trench under five miles of racism

The rotation of our caliber grooved

Marching blithely towards modern fascism

The Identity Politics of Race

(Thought to be the scourge of all us colloreds)

Has taken DW Griffith’s face

& will drag us down with these poor dullards

The American Election has said

World War Three’s coming bringing death instead


Pittsburgh Synagogue Sonnet

Antisemitism’s original
“Orientalism:” creating “white”
European & Caucasian normal:
It’s our oldest, most traditional blight

The dehumanization of others
(Mostly “minorities” of color)
Reduces the value of all God’s “Brothers”
(Being “right” creates a moral dolor)

I want to scream to antisemitism
As the serpent’s most original sin
Reducing everyone’s humanism
Throwing civilizations in the bin

Seeing American differences
Assures Greatnesses’ disappearances

Mass Media Murder Sonnet

The pain of a broken metatarsal

(Which is quite substantial & actual)

Is nothing before the myth carceral

That might bring us any peace factual

The ruthless cold blooded murders of five

In a tired salon of the fourth estate

Was one loser’s attempt to keep alive

His myths of when America was great

The pain, superadded to the murders

(Of five souls who I am sure were wonders),

Is for how we lift grifters & burglars

& then corporate media scale

Fox News & ABC pull the flesh off

The corpse of America now so lost

Random Haiku Journal

(Haiku found in journal)

38. Introspection and/
Self-reflection are trouble/
To good consumers/

39. Exploring ourselves/
Both conscious and sub-conscious/
Is how to find G_d/

40. Rote repetition/
Won’t uncover any good:/
Just bury virtue/

41. I need to escape/
The echo-chamber of “me:”/
Rejoin life’s spirit/

42. Prayers are like Ego/
“Right some wrong that I perceive/
Omni-potent world!”/

43. Doing chores is love*/
I prepare food to “say” love/
Things done to show love/
*laundry (pronounced laundERy?) is love in notebook

44. We can give them love/
In daily domestic chores/
(Even teens accept)/

45. I cook to show love/
It is the cuddle & hug/
That they* still accept/
#haiku *teens

46. Laundry and cleaning/
Do the same for their mother/
Love that they accept/

47. Elaborate meals/
& meticulous cleaning/
Are part vanity/

48. “Forgiving others/
Is a [small] gift to yourself[:/
Escape] resentment”/
#haiku via @JonathanLockwoodHuie

49. Freedom is unarmed/
& Peace needs no peacekeepers/
Weapons are problems/

50. Guns become weapons/
When they are aimed at people/
It is all intent/

51a. Gun Utopias:/
Very bad for Living things/
Heaven doesn’t kill/

51b. Gun Utopias:/
Very bad for Living things/
Heaven lacks power/

52. “Powerful’s” “Heaven”/
Is hierarchical Hell/
G_d needs no power/

Today’s Didactic Haikus

(Check Back for Revisions [opinions are evolving])
26. Firearms are “manhood”/
In the thin definition/
We accept today/

27. Popular culture/
Equates firearms with power*/
In America/
#haiku *manhood

28a. People buy firearms/
To express their potency/
In an unfair world/

28b. People buy firearms/
To express their agency/
In an unjust world/

29. Ev’ry gun owner/
Shoots at fear or victims, though/
They ‘might’ have antlers/

30. Guns are “protection”/
For the unsafe world they make:/
Owners are fearful/

31. People with firearms/
Live in a world of targets/
Not people & hope/

32. Suburban father/
Rural hunter, or gangster/
Guns make them “matter”/

33. Firearms give meaning/
To insecure people’s lives/
More than achievements/

Backfire Haikus

(Today’s Haiku & Revisions Tell a Story)
1. Guns are symbolic/
Talismans of some power/
Obscuring our souls/

2. Physical weapons/
Can’t defeat spiritual/
Maladies we have/

3. We look to the flesh/
To show us life’s true meaning/
Because we lack faith/

4. Symbolic defense/
Against unknowns that we fear/
Show us our weakness/

5a. Threats to liberty/
Cannot be shot or wounded/
Only defeated/

5b. Threats to liberty/
Cannot be shot or wounded/
Only voted out/

6. The battle’s within/
We find enemies to play/
Deepest phobias/

7a. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
Accept and enjoy/

7b. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
Accept & relax/

7c. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing creates G_d’s world/
The battle’s within/

7d. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing makes paradise/
Relax & accept/

7e. Faith doesn’t need truth/
Believing makes paradise/
The battle’s within/

8a. Goodwill’s rebranding/
Capitalist marketing/
Demands more profits/

8b. Goodwill’s rebranding:/
Mere acts of human kindness/
Are now weaknesses/

9. The word “Beautiful”/
Prioritizes outsides/
Diminishing souls/

10. Physical art cards/
No matter how long postponed/
Fulfills the spirit/