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Grading Wishes Sonnet

I wish I could reach them all

And inspire more effort

I hate it when they fall

Into despair’s desert

But they don’t have the time

Or any quiet space

Where they can sit and try

To work out life’s big race

Commuter college

Competes with busy lives

Academic knowledge

Alone, won’t let them thrive

I can’t communicate 

That classwork makes their grades


Work Week Sonnet Six

It is only Tuesday
But this week feels agéd
In my soul it’s Thursday
Work amplifies stages

Mistakes continue to
Add to previous weeks
Errors’ blizzards accrue
Making me an antique

The thoughts of so many
So imperfectly said
Begin “the uncanny”
Cluttering in my head

The teaching industry
Simply abuses me

I Wrote A Poem While Grading 2

I wrote a stupid poem this morning 

It was about teaching and my classes

Its inspiration came without warning

While grading papers without my glasses

I was struck by the strange intimacy

That reading people’s writing demanded

I was correcting a paper lazy

When I learned that no one else had listened

Though I’m just her eccentric professor

I do spend the time to read ev’rything

Strangely I’ve become her sole confessor

I’m paid to do more than just correcting

But the truth is that I still can’t grade dreams

Just writing typed & printed by the reem 

Frantic Grading Haiku


3. The frantic ending/
To a grueling semester/
Strangely calming/

4. Cheating students try/
To game the American/
System of learning/

5. There is disrespect/
For American thinking/
Trying to cheat grades/

6. Critical thinking/
On subjects besides cheating/
Is undervalued/

7. This Golden island/
Still rewards creative thought/
Though it can be gamed/

8. I am indignant/
That students think that cheating/
Is American/

9. “It’s like lobbying”/
For our tax advantages:/
(Venal Washington)/

10. But mercifully/
Government education/
“Ain’t” political/