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Obscuring With Beauty

People learn things exceedingly slowly

Rarely understanding implications

Situations’ implications wholly

Searching out oversimplifications

Create palatable realities

Of noble & honorable people

Obscuring all of our venalities

We’re praying towards a false clapboard steeple

We resent all the unflattering news

Rejecting both the friendly & snarky

Rather than try to accept painful truths

That might let wisdom’s bold knowledge mark thee

Most people hide from their identity

When it doesn’t their ego benefit


Ode To Today

In all of my boring redundancies 

I continue to see life’s novelties 

For humanity’s great insurgencies

Assault me with stunning velocities 
This year’s seemingly fascist takeover 

Is the Phoenix’s violent escape

From the prison to which we’ve surrendered

Freedom under conformity is fake
Oversimplification of living

Religion’s most palatable optics

Will maintain the laity’s infighting

& keep us from injustice’s topics
Who says that we have to participate 

In people’s lives that we disagree with

It seems to this layman the debate’s fake

For most others are neither kin nor kith 
Freedom involves the liberty to err

& let your three year old play with pistols

For the racist “right to bear arms” is there

“Well-regulated militia” diapers 
If people find their lives so meaningless

That only Afghani heroin works

Let them buy the oblivion painless

& become state sponsored addicted jerks
It the daughter you’ve imperfectly loved

Gets impregnated by the proxy, Pete

She needn’t have all her plans aside shoved

To do Bible interpretation neat
& there’s one more thing I want to say here

You have no right to humanity flee

The automobile is a convenience dear

But we must stop subsidizing driving, see 
Cars must bear the cost to society

& the environment their ease destroys 

Walks near others evolved humanity

“Ghettos” of “others” are just racist ploys
I’m glad that I said these words to the wise

To my way of thought, life was once better

Think of what freedom means, don’t me despise

Try to be a liberty abettor 

Easy Answers Sonnet 

We look for easy answers to explain
Phenomena we can not understand
Elation, confusion, sadness & pain
Into uncertainty our thoughts expand

Verifiable facts become theories
That simplify evérything we see
Into identical answers dreary
“All good & bad come from the deity!”

The simplistic answers that I covet
Contain infinity in familiar
Explanations they’ve shoved down my gullet:
Fear of novelty promotes “similar”
Simplicity’s familiarity
Makes Humanity fear temerity

American Fear

America produces fear

A sadly reflexive product

It’s meant for there, but hits us here

Our Violent strength is toxic

In the century since we learned

Anxiety makes consumers

Business has used this to cash earn

So we fear every rumor

It’s cheaper to manufacture

Everything else somewhere else

But all the ideas for fear

Are typed by timid office elves

So remember, live fearlessly

Though status quo says fearfully


36. I struggle with fear/
Doubting my abilities/
& accomplishments/

37. Fear keeps me from life/
Scaffolds insecurities/
Paralyzing me/

38. I can do this job/
It is not beyond my skills/
I WILL push forward/

39. Worst that can happen/
Is I look a bit stupid/
I should care less/

40. Dawn’s iridescence/
Blends today’s optimism/
With yesterday’s fear/

42. Poems together/
Inspiring myself on/
A #haiku pep-talk/

Today’s Feelings

39. Fermenting my fears/
In the twisted still of doubt/
Creates a poison/

40. We like to relax/
But respite causes us guilt/
So we criticize/

41. I wrote a reply/
To postal correspondence/
Slower than email/

42. My fears keep rising/
Inadequacy looms large/
(At least in my head!)/

43. She apologized:/
A problematic pattern/
(I never minded)/