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Bernie & Democratic Drag Shows

“Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk 
Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders
[Because democracy’s a bit brisk
For the “blue squad” of capitalizers]”
Sadly in the 1st stanza I mentioned 
Capitalism (I meant unrestrained)
Which by the short sighted’s used as truncheon 
So that there’s no way the rich can be blamed
But giving the ultra-rich a haircut
Seems the best way to America save
These new robber-barons are off their nut
Thinking workers & roads will themselves pave
It is a pity that those with the most
Will not a richer nation help to host
#headlinpoem #headlinesonnet

History Sonnet

Evérything is absolutely new

Nothing has ever existed before 

This, to meditating Buddhists is true

Others rely on history & lore

Of course, in reality, nothing’s new

Life is recycled pastiche of culture 

We check history for what plan to do

We rely on the past for the future

We’re in an inescapable “right now”

That’s the same as every other time 

We study the past & contemplate “how?”

& manage to miss this moment’s sublime

History is catching up with the world 

& into infamy it’s being swirled

Facebook Impotence

Someone sends me an outrageous story:

Some kind of institutional damage

It’s like racism, injustice hoary

Deluded, we think we’re fighting carnage

But we do nothing more than incite pain

No one is better off because we know

Social Media makes anger in vain

On our phones is a drag-ball ( it’s all show)

If we could create any resistance 

On the smartphones we rent from the power

That entertains us with cheap persistence 

It’d be illegal & they would cower

Facebook activism’s a car alarm

It makes some loud noise but does no real harm

Digital Detox Sonnet

The difficulties detoxes present

Are not only physical withdrawal

But sitting with the feelings you resent

(& not being able to scream or howl)

In thoughtfully not picking up your vice

You are handcuffed to the feelings it hid

It’s because you picked it up to feel nice,

& camouflage emotions (& them fled)

The relief’s not always immediate

Often we have to endure an absence

(This discomfort’s a key ingredient

To reaching some sort of transcendence)

But sometimes we’ve got to take it easy

Even while we must feel low & greasy

Good Friday Sonnet

I sit down after walking around Queens
Exhausted by sensory overload
Ev’rything has hidden meaning it seems
(Once you’ve untangled humanity’s code)

The people walking from & to worship
All seemingly on different wavelengths
Though it is one deity who turns up
(Seems to be able to ignore my angst)

On this Good Friday some walked from their mosques
Others traveled to Saint Sebastion’s church
(We who Religious traditions had tossed
Went & were simply shopping for merch)

This place is hardly a destination
But it is humanity’s salvation

My Social Media Addiction

I need to let go of anger’s dime bag
Social media is not unlike dope
While high, my eternal spirit will sag
& I’ll never be able to find hope

All social media is fentanyl
Or the emotional OxyContin
I have to remember that it will kill
The human honesty that is within

So as you read this on your Instagram
(Or Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or Tumblr)
Keep in mind that the better me should scram
& use the world of journals: remember?

If I could spend 24 hours without this
Thinking’s ability would be the gift

Murder Suicide Sonnet

Meant a memory to immortalize
A new American-Stupidity
It’s a troubling Act to fetishize

I am trying to plumb suicide’s depths
I vainly think that I can understand
Why one tires of continuing life’s reps
(But killing others is vanity man!)

Using blood to editorialize
On a point that a person’s conceded
(‘Cause killing oneself means you realize
That your idea has been defeated!)

Murder-Suicide is an admission
That you no longer value life’s vision

Insanity Headline Sonnet

Insanity’s tenuous conditions:

Untreated mental health is dangerous

& for people there are no renditions

From this fate’s fickle finger arrangements

We leave the least among us all alone

With only their close families watching

(& those kin folk have their pride to atone)

So people’s insanity’s stretching

How the mysterious mind operates

Is beyond ev’ryone’s everything

Chemicals, hormones & even phosphates

Are in charge of what, to life, people bring

So, please understand that insanity

Is a problem for the community

Toxic Chivalry Sonnet

Two sides of Toxic Masculinity:
Catcalling’s trite machismo enables
The “insecure,” “social stability”
While Violent “chivalry” “enables”

All this reifies masculinity
Making men more concrete or somehow real
Increasing women’s insecurity
& It’s forcing “girls” to learn how to deal

A tragedy of Masculinity
Is designed right in the patriarchy
We gave men fictional divinity
By suppressing nature’s matriarchy

A boy & a man fought in the South Bronx
Controlling woman’s honor: in a sconce

New York Primary Battle Sonnet 18

The Cuomo machine ran the table

It’s not the result I wanted to see

But this will make the move left more stable

(I’m tired of Stars & Celebutardy)

So although Hochul defeated Williams

& I am sad Jumaane did not win

The progressives made some major inroads

That will disrupt the republican swing

The movement is strong & will continue

We must stay energized & keep working

These elections were swept in one venue

Now let’s see Moneyed Democrats twerking

The defeat of the IDC will force

Well fed Cuomo to modify course