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My Social Media Addiction

I need to let go of anger’s dime bag
Social media is not unlike dope
While high, my eternal spirit will sag
& I’ll never be able to find hope

All social media is fentanyl
Or the emotional OxyContin
I have to remember that it will kill
The human honesty that is within

So as you read this on your Instagram
(Or Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or Tumblr)
Keep in mind that the better me should scram
& use the world of journals: remember?

If I could spend 24 hours without this
Thinking’s ability would be the gift


Social Media Sonnet

I ponder the bourgeois propriety
That the screens of social media sing
Not those of bland polite society
Of a thousand classes their norms it brings

Creating the human anxiety
That capitalist technology brings
Through each tronch’s norms’ superfluity
Making ev’ryone feel like they are the Kings

We rent important technology
From our corp’rate overlords & masters
The cost is both money & dignity
Our pharaohs want more than our piasters

The new environment for our species
Is littered with avarice’s feces

Second Amendment Sonnet

A firearm in hand boosts the weak psyche

•Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun• explains psychology

A pistol needn’t compromise with me

2nd Amendment’s a tautology

White Supremacy’s 2nd Amendment

Guns to bully & slaughter Brown People

First Indians then Negroes targeted

Racism’s the American steeple

I’d always suspected this about guns

They’re part of the American ego

They were somewhat less necessary once

Back when White Supremacy was legal

Guns’re inextricably linked to death

Taking over when compromise has left

Suicide Masculinity Sonnet

Man killed himself because he hated himself,
(His humanity & all its threads).
Blew himself to bits, on his fetish shelf
With the pretty things that peopled his head 

He couldn’t imagine himself getting
What he wanted, in this life of limits
(Culture & religions this abetting)
So he exploded -BOOM- (fucking dimwit) 

Auto-Immune Masculinity bane:
As Toxic as Ebola-Explosive
Drove this wanna-be “macho man” insane
His un-used sperm count was too corrosive

Toxic masculinity’s evil’s edge:
S’Created by tradition’s privilege

Two Days of Thought



34c. The sun rose today/
Gloriously unconcerned:/
Remaining perfect/

35. So familiar/
Despair’s hard magnetism/
Impossible hope/

36. Unavoidable/
Human decomposition/
In my sagging skin/

37. Within this prison/
Of Aging mortality/
I remember youth/

38. Watch the present from/
Solitary confinement/
Of maturity/


40. “Sub-atomic-self/
-Esteem” described an old friend/
Facebook discovered/

41. Smugly I described/
Not realizing/

42a. We can only see/
Shortcomings* we ourselves share/
The whole world is us/
#haiku *human traits

42b. We can only see/
Shortcomings* we ourselves share/
We’re the world we see/
#haiku *human traits

42c. We can only see/
Shortcomings* we ourselves share/
We are the world seen/
#haiku *human traits

43. My snarky comment/
Putting down a dear old friend/
Really describes me/

44. I’m afraid to try/
Where I might face rejection/
Sharing only here/

45. Social media:/
Random Collection of “friends:”/

46. This “personal” “world”/
Kind, friendly & pleasant, though/

47. Unprofitable/
Does not mean unfulfilling/

48. I want to become/
More courageous regarding/
Professional acts/

48b. I want to become/
The person I know I am/
Quietly thinking/

49a. Becoming “that” man/
Means risking easy comfort/

49b. Becoming “that” man/
Means risking easy comfort/
Of dreamy thinking/

50b. Two days of thinking/
Contemplating myself, I/
Try to understand/