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Bland Warm Beer

Bland Warmbier

Sandra Bland & Otto Warmbier are
Obverse sides of the law-&-order coin
One’s intercontinental travel went far
The other got the role of oppressed toy

Both existences are tragic stories:
Good people done in by crooked systems
Their tales of injustice tired & hoary:
They might well be Old Testament lessons

But our media will defend but one
Defending the undefendable way
Our brutal racist system deals with some
Lamenting Otto Warmbier’s sad display

So as you surf the internet notice
How racism is a given: know this!


Two Comics Sonnet

I read two graphic novels

Neither one was very good

I enjoyed all this reading

& I think understood

One was “100 Bullets”

A Complex crime narrative

Fairly well illustrated

Fragmentation creative

The other comic’s Pyongyang

It’s About North Korea

White guy makes fun of Asia

Funny as gonorrhea

Time reading’s never wasted

But other lives I’ve tasted