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Murder Suicide Sonnet

Meant a memory to immortalize
A new American-Stupidity
It’s a troubling Act to fetishize

I am trying to plumb suicide’s depths
I vainly think that I can understand
Why one tires of continuing life’s reps
(But killing others is vanity man!)

Using blood to editorialize
On a point that a person’s conceded
(‘Cause killing oneself means you realize
That your idea has been defeated!)

Murder-Suicide is an admission
That you no longer value life’s vision


Brooklyn Murder Suicide Sonnet

When Falling In Love we ourselves extend

Hearts sending out tender capillaries

To fertilize love for a sweeter trend

& dodging loneliness’s vagaries

But maybe one cannot live up, you know

To the amorous baggage therein

The dream Cupid looses from his bow

Is a strange love song on a theramin

What becomes of amorous delusions?

Reality rumbles from the tunnel

& all that remains are his illusions

His dreams & her body are then pummeled

Brooklyn Subway Murder-&-Suicide

Pulls to eternity the lies they tried

Mass Media Murder Sonnet

The pain of a broken metatarsal

(Which is quite substantial & actual)

Is nothing before the myth carceral

That might bring us any peace factual

The ruthless cold blooded murders of five

In a tired salon of the fourth estate

Was one loser’s attempt to keep alive

His myths of when America was great

The pain, superadded to the murders

(Of five souls who I am sure were wonders),

Is for how we lift grifters & burglars

& then corporate media scale

Fox News & ABC pull the flesh off

The corpse of America now so lost

Bland Warm Beer

Bland Warmbier

Sandra Bland & Otto Warmbier are
Obverse sides of the law-&-order coin
One’s intercontinental travel went far
The other got the role of oppressed toy

Both existences are tragic stories:
Good people done in by crooked systems
Their tales of injustice tired & hoary:
They might well be Old Testament lessons

But our media will defend but one
Defending the undefendable way
Our brutal racist system deals with some
Lamenting Otto Warmbier’s sad display

So as you surf the internet notice
How racism is a given: know this!

Shooting Haikus

Shooting Haikus

1. These shootings are tests/
Rorschach ink-blot projections/
Of our inner thoughts/

2. Interpret these deaths/
Through ideological/
Political lens/

3. Counter-factual/
Solutions to passed problems/
Is all we offer/

4. Obsessing on death/
Like air-brushed celebrity/
We fetishized it/

6. Killers want some fame/
“Meaning” that evaded them/
In our modern “life”/

7. Spectacular death/
Revenge against all living/
Fights meaninglessness/

8. Oversized living/
Broadcast to sell production*/
Overshadows “life”/
#haiku *the famous

9. The G_dless marriage:/
Fame & consumerism/
Belittle our lives/

10. These belittled lives/
fight for relevant meaning/
(But some wackos snap)/

12. Spectacle shootings/
Attract eyes to TV screens/
Without any “content”/

13. Prurient int’rest/
In destruction & murder/
Gets lower angels/

14. Our basest thinking/
Revenge, power, victory/
Acted out by guns/

15. We can’t look away/
From the horror we create/
By watching TV/

16. Satellite trucks come/
Beaming local horror up/
For media wealth/

17. Like flies to a corpse/
Media shows tragedy/
Death’s their business plan/

18. Expertly made up/
Talking heads perform our grief/
Knowing what’s needed/

19. “The Ace in the Hole”/
Profiting off of sadness/
Advances careers/

20. We watch ’cause we care/
& their tragedy highlights/
Our lives’ plain goodness/

21. Chiaroscuro/
Out of the darkness some light/
On our common lives/

Text Message Mystery in 45 Haikus

Haiku Mystery

1. MMS photo/
From an unknown cell number/
Creates mystery/

2. Today’s Daily News/
Cover with today’s murder/
Next to a woman/

3. Her eyes spitting hate/
Gazing over bandana/
Gagging her mouth closed/

4. The hate masked terror/
I saw as I inspected/
Digital picture/

5. Who had bound and gagged/
This young woman with headline/
And then sent me proof?/

6.  Didn’t know the girl/
Must have been meant 4 someone/
Creepy wrong number/

7. I called the police/
They gave me twelve forms to fill/
Then said “we’ll call you!”/

8. Went back to iStore/
They said the number’s brand new/
Were no fucking help/

9. I Texted Pytor/
An illegal Polish friend/
Fired by Apple store/

10. For $20 dollars/
He searched the names numbers/
Close to my new one/

11. He found one strange name/
An odd Russian pseudonym/
Who’d paid for phishing/

12. A Brooklyn diner/
By Brighton Beach library/
They used the wireless/

13. To send out millions/
Of “emails” from “citibank”/
Russian and Polish/

14. “Perstroika” was blond/
Paid in crisp hundreds: tripled/
If counterfeit bills/

15. “Perstroika Kiev”/
Number two where I had three/
This was his picture/

16. Pytor pointed/
Out that I’d be the sender/
Needed strategy/

17. They next photograph/
Was just her face defeated/
The hate was erased/

18. The acts that erased/
Her fiery eyes imagined/
Were too terrible/

19. I even pitied/
The gangster this was meant for/
And the tortured girl/

20. Contacting Kiev/
Put me in a grand shitstorm/
Pytor avoided/

21. Now I was tied too/
My phone was in beefy hands/
Cyrillic Tattoos/

22. Negotiating/
For your life without your hands/
Isn’t difficult/

23. Pytor was hacking/
Originating number/
(He’d call from phone booth)/

24. His call, like angels,/
Came to rescue my body/
As they whipped my flesh/

25. The plan had been made/
Before I entered Brooklyn/
I left with thou$and$/

26. They got the iPhone/
And the sender’s phone number/
I got those hundred$/

27. After six hours/
Her next picture was sent him/
Pytor’d cloned the phone/

28. Image sent Kiev/
Included  cyrillic words/
It was very grim/

29. Barely conscious blond/
With the early edition/
Splattered in her blood/

30. Went to the pay phone/
It was already ringing/
Kiev was enraged/

31. Pytor decoded/
The GPS location/
From cameraphone/

32. Five-Thousand Dollar$/
Kiev paid for location/
Collected in park/

33. At the park drop off/
Kiev asked “why po-lice call?”/
“I made a report”/

34. “They have seen pictures/
But think I am you, not me”/
“They’re trying to help”/

35. “If Po-lice find me/
Is bigger problem I have/
You take the iPhone”/

36. “Cyall officer Jones/
One hour from now, gyive address/
You just sold to me”/

37.  I called a lawyer/
Who told me how to inform/
To immigration/

38. Got immigration/
To cut Pytor a green card/
For our case knowledge/

39. “The blonde is partner”/
(His mistress and his madam/
Pimping Russian girls)/

40.  Before the hour passed/
The blunt tool of the police/
Were given address/

41. Police and Kiev/
Found immigration waiting/
Pytor and I watched/

42. Bengali Cabbie/
Drove us by slowly, waiting/
For private perp-walk/

43. Russians wore bracelets/
They were the victims and perps/
Who’d paid me $o much/

44. Pytor got green card/
I got over ten-thou$and/
Kiev got Twelve Years/

45. I got a new phone/
I bought an Android on line/
Pytor’s selection/

Sent via CrackBerry enslaved by AT&T

Easter War Haikus

On this Spring Holiday I’ve been thinking about the “rebirth” metaphor of the season in terms of Lybia and the rebirth of colonialism. The “people” we are “defending” are unknown & the 1 thing you can say against them is that the West of a checkered past is so violently supporting them. (Where’s the support in Yemen and Bahrain?)

1a. Military gains/
Aren’t moral or social wins/
But Ethical #Fail/

2. There are active wars/
‘Cause there’s active unfairness/
(Both make evil rich)/

3. Wars are inflicted/
On the poor (catching SOME rich)/
Whom you’ll hear about/

4. War’s an investment/
In an under-performing/
Market for the rich/

4a. War’s an investment:/
Under-performing market/
For the hedge-fund-rich/

5. War is “avarice/
Made flesh” like Jesus, with guns/
Sold by the wealthy/

6. “Avarice made flesh”/
In the carnage of faithful/
Devotees of G_d/

7. Cold War’s Easter was/
September Eleventh, when/
Fear was embodied/

8. The Devil reborn/
Was the gun-merchants’ $avior/
In towers’ collapse/

9. No humans profit/
From these racist invasions/
Except gun-merchants*/
*their humanity’s being “fact-checked”

10. So Islam replaced/
Communism as reason/
To purchase weapons/

11. So “Happy Easter”/
The Son of Imperial/
God of Rome* Reborn/
*Constantinian, evangelical, hierarchical, conquestorial Christianity