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Doubt in an Uncertain World Sonnet

Our beliefs are just what we think about
Even if they build these thoughts a cathedral
They’re merely thoughts: we can choose to opt out
Belief is freedom for ourselves: simple

If I choose not to believe in magic
Should not spoil your enjoyment of the show
I am an agnostic heckler tragic
Believe in religion: the way you know

The agnostic or atheist’s freedom
To (dis)believe in all your rituals
Is how the God that I doubt made it, son
So we each have “spiritual victuals” 

Believing in Yahweh, Allah or Christ
Does not mean that I have to sacrifice


Bland Warm Beer

Bland Warmbier

Sandra Bland & Otto Warmbier are
Obverse sides of the law-&-order coin
One’s intercontinental travel went far
The other got the role of oppressed toy

Both existences are tragic stories:
Good people done in by crooked systems
Their tales of injustice tired & hoary:
They might well be Old Testament lessons

But our media will defend but one
Defending the undefendable way
Our brutal racist system deals with some
Lamenting Otto Warmbier’s sad display

So as you surf the internet notice
How racism is a given: know this!

Subway Slashing Sonnet

train victim diptych

There are two unfortunate souls right here
The pregnant woman whose young face was slashed
Thinking about being a new mother dear
(& how to keep herself together lashed)

The other’s ridden life’s roller coaster
Hoping the bottom of the descent’s near
When younger, perhaps she was a “toaster”
Angel Dust, Dope: starting with pot & beer

So onto train ventures the mother new
Avoiding she that’s fighting her demons
(Beelzebub says: “don’t let her dis you!”
Sitting elsewhere was what that was seemin’)

Into her bags she reached for the bright shiv
Payback for dis was what she did give


Racism’s Reason Sonnet

Racist outrages shock our consciences
Shootings, lynchings & incarcerations
Call into question myths of justice’s
True mechanical machinations 

Shortcomings continue year after year
Confounding well intentioned people
But it doesn’t take demographers near
To see that this system’s been unequal

Reform never gets any real traction
Because this constitution benefits
Our Caucasian affirmative action
Which, good white people quietly admit

Racism is no accident for us

It is white people’s social insurance


Loser’s Choice

You get to select your poison

Which horror is your preference?

Public death, headline emblazoned

Common death, little awareness?

Atomized over the French Alps

Unpredictability sung

Life distilled to some Facebook scalps

New’s research: Internet wrung?

Or laying bleeding between cars

Part of cost of modernity 

One of life’s little human scars

Die for Right-Now’s eternity?

Which death is more tragic to you

Public pity: alone & true?


Fate Sonnet in 5

Misfortune arrives

Upsetting our lives

Stealing what’s normal

Fairly informal


Maybe chemical?

Sometimes kinetic

Not copacetic

Bad things just appear

Far, sometimes near

No seeming reason

There is no season

Bad is not evil

Just life primeval 


Lyn Gregoire


4. My mother just died/
A Quick and painless finish/
To a good long life/

5. Two days in hospice/
Her life slowly departed/
It was time to go/

6. Feel like a villain/
For not sobbing openly/
But that’s not my style/

7a. Her life, good & long/
Ended quietly without fuss/
Just as it should have/

7b. Her life, good & long/
Ended quietly without fuss/
As she’d have liked it/

8. Mom’s life was human/
Courageous & cowardly/
Just like everyone/

9. Showed me how to live/
When I was just a baby/
& ev’ry day since/

10. She always liked looms/
Weaving one thread at a time/
Making life’s fabric/

11. Didn’t take short cuts/
Enjoyed the road less travelled/
One thread at a time/

12. She took what she found/
Making her world out of it/
So creatively/

13. Not one for drama/
Or any ceremony/
Mom lived quietly/

14. Lived the life she found/
Accepting whatever came/
One day at a time/

15a. There’s something else/
My Mom always saw beauty/
In the worlds she saw/

15b. There’s something else/
My Mom always saw beauty/
In the worlds she made/

16. Each moment a thread/
To weave the broadcloth of life/
Slowly & surely/

17. Life’s fabric wasn’t/
Some mass produced perfection/
But a live matrix/

18. Life’s tangled matrix/
Looks diff’rently to each soul/
From their perspective/

19. My mom saw living/
As fortune’s strange privilege/
Bestowed randomly/


20. Mom finished her walk/
Among physical beings/
She walks with G_d now/

21. Eternity came/
To carry my Mom’s burdens/
Though they were quite light/

22a. How can I thank her/
For my entire existence/
She deserves much more/

22b. I can not thank her/
For my entire existence/
She deserves much more/

23. Those walks in the snow/
Down streets, lanes, paths & alleys:/
She showed me beauty/

24. I hope you can see/
The beauty of innocence/
My Mom always saw/

25. Talking to her friend/
I learned she was not naïve/
(Chose to see life’s best)/

26. I share her world view:/
Look for the best in people/
Life’s better that way/

27a. It’s better to be/
Naïve than cynical so/
You live in Hope’s world/

27b. It’s better to be/
Gullible than cynical/
You live in Hope’s world/

28. We make our own worlds/
Our attitudes create lives/
That we inhabit/

29. My Mother taught me/
To see all the world’s beauty/
From my own essence/

30. So my Mom is gone/
We will converse no longer/
But she’ll never leave/

31. Mom taught me enough:/
I can enjoy creation/
With her faithful eye/

32. Her goodness taught me:/
Enjoy this life we’re given/
There is nothing more/