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Self Pity Sonnet

The unrelenting exhaustion I feel

Is the sum total of my self pity

An amorphous weight that despair does seal

Rhyming this observation is shitty

While I am painfully aware of it

(My proclivity for melancholy)

I cannot seem to be free of this shit

(Such is the modern bourgeoisie’s folly)

While I might appear to be paranoid

Seeing enemies in familiar faces

These grim thoughts help to fill depression’s void

Cementing me in these dreary places

I do not feel worthy of these feelings

Garish 1st World problems have me reeling


I Weary of These Infernal Patterns

Old Photos Sonnet

Old photos are fountains of youth

Capturing happy memories 

Keeping our histories as truth

The past is kept: caged canaries

Fading images we look at

Strongly remind us of those times

When we made choices: no regrets!

(Decision-less times are “life-prime”)

Awkward pose & outdated clothes

(Compensated for with smooth skin)

Emphasize happiness youth knows

(That search for original sins)

Treasure all those old photographs

They can keep you laughing youth’s laughs

Failed Aspirations Sonnet

All aspirations collapse within me
Into tangled wreckage & commotion
They bear all society’s weight and dreams
Destroying my most personal notions

I can’t live up to the publicity
Created by my world’s expectations
My life with its needless complexity
A mendacious attempt at salvation

Deep within this fleshy walking corpse
Unable to lie down dead with my faith
Beats a healthy heart with a moral course
Dragged like a prisoner forever forth

In this corrupt ethical universe
There’s no place for my feeble moral verse

Cancer Caught Mom (November 28th, 2013)

 Image 38. My mom is dying/
As we all will do one day/
No words can explain/
39. I’m proud to hers/
Sharing eccentricities/
That I’ve learned to love/
40. My mom’s shortcomings/
Are paradoxically her/
Greatest life assets/
41. Our frugality/
Is an aesthetic impulse/
Be happy with less/
42. My lack of tact is/
From her honest directness/
& clear sightedness/
43. I love my mother/
Filled with salty opinions/
(She never judged me)/
44. This slow motion death/
Offers a chance to tell her/
If I haven’t yet/
45. Love is in doing/
The best that we can today/
In all our actions/
46. I’m my Mother’s Son/
Creative, stingy & shy/
Simply loving life/
47. I’m sad she’s dying/
But so glad that I knew her/
Proud to be her son/
48. She made a diff’rence/
In subtle and small events/
In so many lives/
49. Liabilities/
Every human carries/
Perfection’s just dull/
50. Knowing my mother/
Explains this America/
Accepting all life/

Lyn Gregoire


4. My mother just died/
A Quick and painless finish/
To a good long life/

5. Two days in hospice/
Her life slowly departed/
It was time to go/

6. Feel like a villain/
For not sobbing openly/
But that’s not my style/

7a. Her life, good & long/
Ended quietly without fuss/
Just as it should have/

7b. Her life, good & long/
Ended quietly without fuss/
As she’d have liked it/

8. Mom’s life was human/
Courageous & cowardly/
Just like everyone/

9. Showed me how to live/
When I was just a baby/
& ev’ry day since/

10. She always liked looms/
Weaving one thread at a time/
Making life’s fabric/

11. Didn’t take short cuts/
Enjoyed the road less travelled/
One thread at a time/

12. She took what she found/
Making her world out of it/
So creatively/

13. Not one for drama/
Or any ceremony/
Mom lived quietly/

14. Lived the life she found/
Accepting whatever came/
One day at a time/

15a. There’s something else/
My Mom always saw beauty/
In the worlds she saw/

15b. There’s something else/
My Mom always saw beauty/
In the worlds she made/

16. Each moment a thread/
To weave the broadcloth of life/
Slowly & surely/

17. Life’s fabric wasn’t/
Some mass produced perfection/
But a live matrix/

18. Life’s tangled matrix/
Looks diff’rently to each soul/
From their perspective/

19. My mom saw living/
As fortune’s strange privilege/
Bestowed randomly/


20. Mom finished her walk/
Among physical beings/
She walks with G_d now/

21. Eternity came/
To carry my Mom’s burdens/
Though they were quite light/

22a. How can I thank her/
For my entire existence/
She deserves much more/

22b. I can not thank her/
For my entire existence/
She deserves much more/

23. Those walks in the snow/
Down streets, lanes, paths & alleys:/
She showed me beauty/

24. I hope you can see/
The beauty of innocence/
My Mom always saw/

25. Talking to her friend/
I learned she was not naïve/
(Chose to see life’s best)/

26. I share her world view:/
Look for the best in people/
Life’s better that way/

27a. It’s better to be/
Naïve than cynical so/
You live in Hope’s world/

27b. It’s better to be/
Gullible than cynical/
You live in Hope’s world/

28. We make our own worlds/
Our attitudes create lives/
That we inhabit/

29. My Mother taught me/
To see all the world’s beauty/
From my own essence/

30. So my Mom is gone/
We will converse no longer/
But she’ll never leave/

31. Mom taught me enough:/
I can enjoy creation/
With her faithful eye/

32. Her goodness taught me:/
Enjoy this life we’re given/
There is nothing more/

New Year’s (Eve) Haiku


7. Time never comes back/
Memories are like cobwebs/ Texturing right now/

8. Right now is golden/
Absorb all its perfection/
No matter how bland*/
#haiku *rough

9. If I time traveled/
I’d go back to that moment:/
Tell you “thanks” again/

10. Your greatness is lost/
In those endless uncounted/
Goodnesses unseen/

11. Your friends saw this good/
Bobbing on the cold surface/
Of our modern lives/

12. Those moments we shared/
Gentle friendship peeking up:/
An iceberg of good/

13. This life happens fast/
Undermining all our plans/
But still it’s perfect/

14. Please enjoy today/
For it’s all that we’re given/
Squander it with joy!/

15. YOU made a diff’rence/
In some unrecorded way/
In my life this year/

16. This moment of grace/
Lies in the vault of my soul/
For eternity/

17. Hope me & my words/
Have brightened your existence/
In some way this year/

18. Instagram, FaceBook/
Photography & Haiku/
Are distracting me/

19. I love seeing you/
Sprinkled in digital life/
But you are legion/

20. My Fifty Four Years/
Have given me so many/
Friends that I value/

21. I cannot keep up/
With all of your small triumphs/
& lead my own life/

22. The Digital noise/
Of Social Media needs/
Technology lent/

23. Maybe a “Ramadan”/
Dawn until dusk without/
Social media/