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Morning Sonnet 8-10-15

The morning arrives, an un welcomed guest

Demanding attention, telling stories

Into their conflicts & feuds you are thrust

Each dawn brings you it’s own set of worries
The world never needs to know my feelings

My opinions of people’s shortcomings 

Do not need to infect all my dealings

& interfere with my life’s smooth runnings
Tolerating existence’s problems

And leaning from difficulties’ drama

Builds immunity, a special nostrum

That makes me just like the Dali Lama
I accept all the dawn’s difficulties

The tolerance that they build makes me free


Abyss Sonnet

Into these temporary abysses

Merrily we fling our bodies & souls

As if this misery would dismiss us

From human’s* self-imposed soul sucking holes

The deeper we venture exploration 

The more absence and nothingness we find

The harder it is to play our station

And dream of some mortal human justice

We find within existence’s vortex

Only artifacts of our endurance:

Despair’s abysses will stun the cortex

& synthesize spiritual assurance

Don’t seek the abyss of nothingness yet

Life, humbly-well-lived, will better get

Morning’s Victory Over Sleep

Desperately try to fight my way back 

To the dream of life I was enjoying:

Day, in a flanking maneuver, attacks

The remnants of youth I was reliving

Working Through Papers

I’m where I belong

Buried in other’s wild dreams

In essay format

Failed Aspirations Sonnet

All aspirations collapse within me
Into tangled wreckage & commotion
They bear all society’s weight and dreams
Destroying my most personal notions

I can’t live up to the publicity
Created by my world’s expectations
My life with its needless complexity
A mendacious attempt at salvation

Deep within this fleshy walking corpse
Unable to lie down dead with my faith
Beats a healthy heart with a moral course
Dragged like a prisoner forever forth

In this corrupt ethical universe
There’s no place for my feeble moral verse

Today’s Meditation (in Haiku)

43a. Escape from my life/
Working inefficiently/
On merest details/

43b. Escaping my life/
Working inefficiently/
On merest details/

44. Terrified of change/
Bullied by angry habit/
I just acquiesce/

45. I lead a charmed life:/
Universe shapes and guides me/
When I can* listen/
#haiku *will

46. My problems aren’t mine/
Problems are our shared futures/
Claims staked together/

47. I am a dreamer/
Absurdly concerned with thoughts/
Now and then #haiku’d/

48. Dreamers frustrate us:/
Their focus beyond real-life/
Accomplishes NIL/

49. Although dreamers do/
Embellish the ordinary/
With human filigree/

50. The useless filigree/
Of humanity’s dreamers/
Fertilizes us/

[Annotated] Dawn

[Annotated] Morning Meditation Haiku

13. I love my mornings/
Where I’m alone with my thoughts/
(Seeing connections)/

A. I rise painfully/
Early existing alone/
Where I contemplate/

B. This time before dawn/
Where I can think for myself/
Is precious to me/

14. The complexity/
Of my cluttered life reveals/
My life’s harmony/

C. The contemplation/
Morning alone time gives me/
Permits me to see/

D. The plain facts require/
Insight and contemplation/
To be clarified/

15. The mechanisms/
Allowing my happiness/
Are revealed to me/

E. When I examine/
The components of my life/
I see I am blessed/

F. Blessings aren’t magic/
Or some gift given by G_d/
They’re just perception/

16. Each complicated/
Asset or embarrassment:/

G. Particular facts/
Can be opportunities/
With some adjustments/

H. When I step away/
And ignore disappointment/
Life is always good/

17. The mechanical/
Nature of mistakes & joys/
Grind out my heaven/

I. Events examined/
Should be interpreted well/
To find the blessings/

J. Possibilities/
Fail to materialize/
To bring more chances/

18a. Smoothing rough edges/
Takes some painful polishing/
Understood alone/

18b. Smoothing rough edges/
Requires painful polishing/
Understood later/

K. Remediating/
Life’s problems are sometimes gifts/
The work is the gift/

L. It is with distance/
That we can see benefits/
Of life’s small problems/

19. My meditation/
& morning contemplation/
Expose my blessings/

M. My observation/
Transforms as if alchemy/
Life into Heaven/

N. Find your alchemy/
Of optimistic thinking/
By contemplating/