Doubt in an Uncertain World Sonnet

Our beliefs are just what we think about
Even if they build these thoughts a cathedral
They’re merely thoughts: we can choose to opt out
Belief is freedom for ourselves: simple

If I choose not to believe in magic
Should not spoil your enjoyment of the show
I am an agnostic heckler tragic
Believe in religion: the way you know

The agnostic or atheist’s freedom
To (dis)believe in all your rituals
Is how the God that I doubt made it, son
So we each have “spiritual victuals” 

Believing in Yahweh, Allah or Christ
Does not mean that I have to sacrifice

One response to “Doubt in an Uncertain World Sonnet

  1. So I engaged in a loud tet a tet
    About big religion’s veracity
    To understanding did neither of us get
    I should have much more perspicacity

    For there is no wisdom in being right
    But still my ego and id won’t forget
    I’m vainly trapped in my proud honor bright
    But that’s how Facebook’s “pride settings” are set

    We, he and I, called each other names coarse:
    “Naive,” “gullible,” and “Bigot” as well
    Knowing, as I do, I demeaned his source
    (If there’s a deity, I’m going to hell)

    So we all squander some time looking here
    But we should never keep opinions too dear

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