Subway Slashing Sonnet

train victim diptych

There are two unfortunate souls right here
The pregnant woman whose young face was slashed
Thinking about being a new mother dear
(& how to keep herself together lashed)

The other’s ridden life’s roller coaster
Hoping the bottom of the descent’s near
When younger, perhaps she was a “toaster”
Angel Dust, Dope: starting with pot & beer

So onto train ventures the mother new
Avoiding she that’s fighting her demons
(Beelzebub says: “don’t let her dis you!”
Sitting elsewhere was what that was seemin’)

Into her bags she reached for the bright shiv
Payback for dis was what she did give


One response to “Subway Slashing Sonnet

  1. What is worse: attacks or indifference?
    A physical assault on one’s body
    Or treatment of cru’l insignificance?
    (Of course, they’re both choices pretty shoddy)

    My body seems to heal more readily
    Sinew, flesh & skin mindlessly rebound
    But the attacks on my soul will deaden me
    In ways that’re devastatingly profound

    For my psyche, id, ego & their “self”
    Distort choices of the corporeal
    Reduce the levers of my mental health
    Increasing importance sartorial

    So the predominance of violence
    Diminishes all of my existence

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