More Less Sonnet

I composed a sonnet on depression
About waking & seeing no beauty
Makes me want to cancel today’s lesson
This morning’s day seems like a bleak duty

I see no reason for optimism
Can’t imagine how things will get better
Feeling this trapped is totally dismal
& living this sadness will me fetter

I don’t understand Why I feel this way
(I am usually pretty happy)
But, plagued by these feelings I can’t allay
This beautiful life starts to seem crappy

Fourteen lines can never explain sadness
(How it steals hope & delivers madness!)


One response to “More Less Sonnet

  1. Meds won’t set you free/
    Nortriptyline works for me/
    Better living thru…/

    Chemistry misfires/
    Sonnets call for more support/
    Your despair is shared/

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