News-Feed Sonnet

I look at the news’s shenanigans
With a mixture of my schadenfreude
& lofty arrogant comparisons
I use to bolster my attitudé

All the tragic misfortune of others
“Caught with thirty seven grams of pure dope”
“Mountain of stuffies the baby smothers”
Are enough to give my pointlessness hope

Sometimes we can all agree about things:
The ignorant folly of the lofty
We love when misfortune’s pendulum swings
To sew misery upon the crafty

Newspaper’s endless negativity
Provides my meaninglessness gravity


2 responses to “News-Feed Sonnet

  1. I love the sonnet form, especially seeing it used in such a contemporary way with modern language and references. I thought the schadenfreude/attitude rhyme was particularly inspired, it’s always nice seeing imaginative rhyme pairings like that, and the overarching cynical feel of the poem appeals to me too.

  2. Thanks michael rush
    Schadenfreude was the word
    I was thinking of my meager spirit & knew I had to use it “attitudé” was my neologistical work around: glad you approve!

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