We are in debt to the one percent

& the system’s continuity 

We enjoy the modernity meant

By all of this superfluity 
Beautiful cars: living rooms on wheels

& Amazing smartphone devices

Televisions (on which we got deals)

All ʇɐɥʇ which we didn’t check prices
We owe this money to the future:

Rockets & self-driving hover cars

The things that their fantasy sutures 

Onto our needs: peace, food, & shelter
We owe two-hundred-thirty-three-trillion

To keep our corrupted momentum


4 responses to “Debt

  1. I so agree with this post. Consumerism is a very bad thing leading people to constantly chase the new and improved thus getting themselves into debt. As a former shopping addict, I fear consumerism and shopping. I almost lost my house and my whole financial security because I spent the mortgage money on a Dior bikini and 5 pairs of matching sunglasses. I was on cocaine at the time. But I thought I just had to have that bikini. Luckily my shopping addiction and all my other addictions are now in recovery – I am 11 years clean this week. Now I repair and mend things rather than buy something new and I am happy with my 10 year old car and television. I think the essence of happiness is being content with what you actually have rather than chasing the new.

  2. Caroline,
    Thank you for reading,
    & sharing too, your
    I struggle with this

  3. Thank you for courage/Rail against hegemony/Chip cement from feet #haiku

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