Letter to Dad (7 Syllable Sonnet)

We are all hurt teenagers

No matter how long we live

This is a sad awareness

& it’s the message I give

I wish I could be something

Besides the person I am

Struggling & improving:

Someone within God’s best plan

But I remain just remnants

Of a wonderful childhood:

Silly actions, bad judgements

Created this “grown-up,” bud

Always look generously

On life lived previously


2 responses to “Letter to Dad (7 Syllable Sonnet)

  1. Love love love this, Stafford.

  2. Reverse Letter to Dad Sonnet 7

    Always look generously
    At shenanigans of youth
    The life lived previously
    Was learning’s rough draft, a proof

    Enslaved by youth’s momentum
    Adolescent energy
    Hormones’ cruel reinvention
    Created dumb synergy

    I wish we became diff’rent
    Better people than we are
    With struggle & improvement:
    We could emerge as that “star”

    But we’re just hurt teenagers
    Regardless of our ages

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