Jose Ortega y Gasset Meets Ice T

I’m glad American’s are doing well

And we keep accumulating things

I believe this is a marvelous Hell

That we can buy such so many belongings

The toys & luxuries of the Pharaohs  

Available to sisters & brothers

Wealth & pride of material composed

These “things” that separate us  from “others”*

We now have wealth’s magic appliances

Walls festooned with numbing moving paintings

Gadgets & trinkets of alliances

Made between us & power’s restrainings

All “the [simple] comforts we demanded

[Are now] mandatory” & commanded


2 responses to “Jose Ortega y Gasset Meets Ice T

  1. We are trying to sell everything we own on eBay or by other means, what we can’t sell we will give away. In seven years we are selling the Flatbush homestead and hitting the road to live the rest of our lives as itinerant trailer trash. Or maybe not.

  2. Big News
    Purge My
    These hooks
    To our
    Gross Lives

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