Loser’s Choice

You get to select your poison

Which horror is your preference?

Public death, headline emblazoned

Common death, little awareness?

Atomized over the French Alps

Unpredictability sung

Life distilled to some Facebook scalps

New’s research: Internet wrung?

Or laying bleeding between cars

Part of cost of modernity 

One of life’s little human scars

Die for Right-Now’s eternity?

Which death is more tragic to you

Public pity: alone & true?


One response to “Loser’s Choice

  1. After I wrote this,
    A third draft,
    I heard David Byrne’s
    “The Accident”
    He catches some of the elements
    That I was struggling for in this poem.
    I realize my writing is too didactic
    I don’t trust my readers enough
    Which is not to say this isn’t good or true.
    But there is room for improvement.
    I am mesmerized by the co-pilot’s suicide
    Wanting oblivion

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