Today’s Thoughts


My epiphany/
Of my social media/

29. A pithy #haiku/
Explaining or questioning/
My observations/

30. Writing these “bon mots”/
The tiny observations:/
Vanity’s essence/

31. Like graffiti’s scrawl/
I scribble observations/
From my point of view/

32. I vandalize life/
With my snarky opinions/
Never looking back/

33. Most Americans/
Don’t question our privilege/
(We descry our costs)/

34. I’m American/
Complaining of ev’rything/
Working for myself/

35. A trail of bread-crumbs/
In seventeen syllables/
Leading back to hope/

36a. Or a cultural/
Vandal scrawling on the wall/
While building nothing/

36b. Cultural vandal/
Defacing others’ actions/
Building resentment/

37. Accepting heaven/
As configured by others/
Takes enormous faith/

38. Eternity’s cold/
Reaching from infinity/
Visits us today/

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