•After the Prophet• (Haiku Review)

After the prophet haiku review


37. •After the Prophet•/
“Tale of Sunni-Shia split”/
Annoyed me greatly/

38. Three-Fourths “Game o Thrones”/
Ancient political fights/
(Ignoring our World)/

39. A readable book/
Of humanity’s foibles/
Islam’s beginnings/

40. Covering the start/
Without much magical faith/
Erases beauty/

41. No explanations/
Of the rituals’ meanings/
Focuses on men/

42. There were no motives/
For anyone’s behavior/
Worthy of scripture/

43. Most facts obscure truths/
Lessons of human nature/
Are rarely divine/

44. Hazelton’s book won’t/
Make connections between “now”/
& Islam’s first years/

45. “After” erased/
Millennia’s behavior/
& implications/

46. Chapter 15 STARTS/
To cover politics/
Of modernity/

47. Showing the motives/
Of living malefactors/
Renewal of hater/

48. I want a good book/
Contemporary motives/
Hatred’s revival/

49. This book simplifies/
History to justify/
These stereotypes/


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