Musing on Privilege

44. I rattle my cup/
Against the bars of my cell/
In luxury jail/

45. Privileged inmate/
Aristocratic prison/
Luxury problems/

46. My gratitude reigns:/
(Don’t worry about others)/
(Work hard & fear “them”)/

47. Today’s “gratitude”/
Must remain unexamined/
Like schadenfreude/

48. These moments of “peace”/
Protected by cruelty/
I never witness/

49. So thanks to the guns/
Dead soldiers and families/
Keep this lie working/

50. My peace is built on/
Oligarchical terror/
Imposed on the poor/


2 responses to “Musing on Privilege

  1. This needs to be a longer poem: I will try to “sonnetize” it soon!

  2. Sonnet of the Unjust
    I rattle the cup against the cell’s bars/
    In the luxury jail I’ve worked hard for/
    Privileged inmate in the life of the stars/
    In aristocrat’s prison: Life’s a bore/

    All my “problems” are flotsam and jetsam/
    On the over salted sea that floats me:/
    To luxuries unasked for, I succumb/
    Just a gasket in oppression’s machine/

    Though I oppress others unwillingly
    “Gratitude” must remain unexamined/
    My schadenfreude of poor chillingly/
    Quotidian injustice sans amende/

    This “peace” is an oligarchic terror
    That we accept quietly in error

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