Open Letter to Facebook

Despite all my fine rage/
I’m still a rat in a cage/
Bars of fiber optics/
Locked with apple products/
Through my window touch screen/
I can see systems obscene/
I try to make additions:/
Meaningless petitions/
As long as money’s free Speach/
The internet lacks reach/
So I will go buy stamps/
And mail elected tramps/
Demand better actions/
The real world has traction/
So I’ll shut off Facebook/
And stop being a schnook/
Today I’ll write congress/
I’ll demand some redress/
The internet doesn’t/
Change anything cousin/
I will act physically/
Think philosophically/
Because “tagging” and “liking”/
Totally lack meaning/
So send me a letter/
I like them much better/


2 responses to “Open Letter to Facebook

  1. Everything is so impersonal these days. I miss conversations over coffee.

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