Godzilla Haiku Review


20. Strangely nostalgic/
Godzilla’s the destroyer/
& our protector/

21. Godzilla combats/
Prehistoric cockroaches/
That eat any nukes/

22. Cities’ destruction/
And our military might/
Godzilla’s set piece/

23. Nuclear troubles/
Environmental lessons/
Are woven throughout/

24. The special effects/
While Stunning are unmoving/
Suspense steals the day/

25. Bridges and tunnels/
Atomic detritus clouds/
Were old school terror/

26. Heroic daring/
By blue eyed protagonists/
Is satisfying/

27. Government Phalli/
Ships, planes, missiles, guns and such/
Cannot save cities/

28. Rescuing the boy/
Who was straight out of “Raiders”/
Was just one homage/

29. The gamma ray breath/
That destroyed the male cockroach/
Should have made him strong/

30. References to/
Old-movie horror were fun/
Filigree to watch/

31. Two separate movies/
Old classic homages &/
New special fx/

32. Battle to the death/
On the 3D IMAX screen/
Smart film-making wins/

33. Without back-story/
History’s Resonances/
Movies don’t make sense/

34. We bring to movies/
Meanings needed to make sense/
Of light on the screen/

35. The “Educated”/
Get more from this Godzilla/
Than wreckage seekers/

36. Critical thinkers/
Can’t miss the hidden lessons/
In Godzilla’s wrath/


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