Cancer Caught Mom (November 28th, 2013)

 Image 38. My mom is dying/
As we all will do one day/
No words can explain/
39. I’m proud to hers/
Sharing eccentricities/
That I’ve learned to love/
40. My mom’s shortcomings/
Are paradoxically her/
Greatest life assets/
41. Our frugality/
Is an aesthetic impulse/
Be happy with less/
42. My lack of tact is/
From her honest directness/
& clear sightedness/
43. I love my mother/
Filled with salty opinions/
(She never judged me)/
44. This slow motion death/
Offers a chance to tell her/
If I haven’t yet/
45. Love is in doing/
The best that we can today/
In all our actions/
46. I’m my Mother’s Son/
Creative, stingy & shy/
Simply loving life/
47. I’m sad she’s dying/
But so glad that I knew her/
Proud to be her son/
48. She made a diff’rence/
In subtle and small events/
In so many lives/
49. Liabilities/
Every human carries/
Perfection’s just dull/
50. Knowing my mother/
Explains this America/
Accepting all life/

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