New Year’s (Eve) Haiku


7. Time never comes back/
Memories are like cobwebs/ Texturing right now/

8. Right now is golden/
Absorb all its perfection/
No matter how bland*/
#haiku *rough

9. If I time traveled/
I’d go back to that moment:/
Tell you “thanks” again/

10. Your greatness is lost/
In those endless uncounted/
Goodnesses unseen/

11. Your friends saw this good/
Bobbing on the cold surface/
Of our modern lives/

12. Those moments we shared/
Gentle friendship peeking up:/
An iceberg of good/

13. This life happens fast/
Undermining all our plans/
But still it’s perfect/

14. Please enjoy today/
For it’s all that we’re given/
Squander it with joy!/

15. YOU made a diff’rence/
In some unrecorded way/
In my life this year/

16. This moment of grace/
Lies in the vault of my soul/
For eternity/

17. Hope me & my words/
Have brightened your existence/
In some way this year/

18. Instagram, FaceBook/
Photography & Haiku/
Are distracting me/

19. I love seeing you/
Sprinkled in digital life/
But you are legion/

20. My Fifty Four Years/
Have given me so many/
Friends that I value/

21. I cannot keep up/
With all of your small triumphs/
& lead my own life/

22. The Digital noise/
Of Social Media needs/
Technology lent/

23. Maybe a “Ramadan”/
Dawn until dusk without/
Social media/


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