Haiku Journal (mini-metaphysical edition)


In my research paper class yesterday (eng103.0889) I had the students discuss whether “events have meaning:” is there an author? One of the paragraphs will be on an event in their life & whether or not there is “an Author.” They wrote and edited each other’s paragraphs, keeping in mind Allison Bechdel’s Fun Home (154-155). The paragraphs were fantastic, the students are bright & I believe that the papers will be good. But after our discussion (& much thinking on my part) I wrote these haiku quickly, reflecting on events in my life right now:
4. Read reality/
Investigate for meaning/
Searching for author/

5. There might be a G_d/
Ordering reality/
(Or we are alone)/

6. Believing in G_d/
Offers the comfort of faith:/
That life has “meaning”/

7. Believing in Life/
Means we get to give “meaning”/
Which ain’t comforting/

8. Agnostic heroes/
Search for an unknown “meaning”/
Hoping for the best/


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