Lou Reed Lived


1. Lou Reed is no more/

He died at seventy one/

A sad miracle/



Photo By Nancy Berke

2. The true miracle:/

Lou Reed, a stand up Junkie/

Got clean and survived/


3. “Sweet Jane’s” “Wild Side” was/

Written through “Heroin’s” haze/



4. The truth’s that Reed sang:/

Steely miracle of faith/

The power of Art/


5. The addict told us/

Assessing the world in song:/  

That all is not well/


6. Self-Medication/

Street-corner prescriptions scream/

Refuse to accept/


7. The world’s cruelty/

Religious hypocrisy/

Melt in the cooker/


8. Addicts surrender/

To a narcotic escape/

Rather than “playing”/


9. Addicts all do this/

Rejecting conformity/

To find “better” way/


10. Reality’s “cure”/

Oft kills “heroin’s prophets”/

But Lou Reed survived/


11. Reed shot the 60s/

Sniffed the garish 70s/

Quit in the 80s/


12. Sobered by AA/

Rebelled chronicling city/ 

and rejoining life/


13. Anonymous ways:/

Compassion humanity/

Commoner’s laments/


14. Life’s transformation:/

Through Cocoon of Addiction/

Bright butterfly Reed/


15. Smokey church basements/

Reality crucible/

Forges better humans/


16. Exoskeletons/

Find their soft-tissue substance/

Accepting the past/


17. Reed resurrected/

From celebrity antique/

With common rummies/


18. Sobriety freed/

The the junkie generation’s/

Conscience humanity/


19a. Visiting this hell/

Through the cooker and syringe/

Will explained life’s pain/


19b. Visiting this hell/

Through the sleep of the bottle/

Will explained life’s pain/




20. Who’s never fallen/

Cannot understand living/

Failure is human/


21. Lou Reed crystallized/

Humanity’s condition/

In spite of the drugs/


22. Concentric circles/

Not Venn diagrams explain/

Human unity/




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