Selfies, Comicon, Cosplay & Desire

Selfie Haiku Cosplay thoughts
Thursday before class I thought:

1. What is the pleasure/
That we derive from looking?/
What are its effects?/

2. Does what we look at/
Suffer any damages/
From desirous gaze?/

3. Is anything gained/
From being beauty’s object?/
(Or just the lookers?)/

4. What if the beauty/
Comes from clever artifice/
Not biology?/

During class on Friday a couple of students argued that selfies, even sexy selfies are not created with pornification in mind. They are made so that the takers can celebrate a day that they felt good about how they looked (of course the porn aesthetic might still be in their double consciousness).

At Comicon on Sunday I went to the comix chix panel assembled by Kate Kotler and I learned about cosplay and people’s motives for dressing up. These haiku combine these related thoughts.

5. Beautiful selfies/
Young women take themselves/
Aren’t “pornography”/

6. Some derive pleasure/
Of a prurient nature/
(That’s accidental)/

7. Selfies are taken/
To remember that moment/
Keep a night’s beauty/

8. Lookers may see porn/
In women’s youthful beauty’s/
Like having Black skin/

9. Racists and sexists/
Minimize humanity/
To control the world/

10. Obscuring beauty/
To avoid pleasuring pervs/
Lets sexism win/

11. Racism won’t end/
When Blacks act just like white folk/
Just like the burqa/

12. Police sexism/
Privilege’s deviance/
Is the problem here/

13. Selfies like Cosplay/
Are innocent engagement/
In this modern world/

14. Lets raise up the floor/
Not lower this world’s ceiling/
On Internet geeks*/
#haiku *girls, life

15. Selfies and Cosplay/
Have parallel importance/
The self and other/

16. Personal actions/
Amplified by Internet/
Still people’s choices/

17. We should not limit/
Ourselves for those imprisoned/
By pre-fab desire/


One response to “Selfies, Comicon, Cosplay & Desire

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