Bathroom Selfies

1. Bathroom selfies posed:/
Curves, outfits & confidence/
Performing their youth/

2. Hips, hair and make-up/
Symbolically represent/
The entire woman/

3. Porcelain backgrounds/
Show the austere privacy/
Of working women/

4. Private made public/
Through Instagram’s* devices/
Peek into living/
#haiku *internet’s

5. Lipstick, Eyeshadow/
Women’s painted abstractions/
(Displaying their craft)/

6. Metallic rainbow/
Arched over the Soul’s window/
Competing beauties/


7. Windows to the soul/
Staring into a smartphone/
Shared around the world/

8. Iris and pupil/
Take in the light’s emissions/
While showing the soul/

9a. Painted eye sockets/
Highlight, distract, camouflage/
The windows to soul/

9b. Painted eye sockets/
Highlight, distract, camouflage/
Nature’s true beauty/

10. Brightly painted lips/
The close up of consumption/
Meant for consumption/

11. The abstract beauty/
Of a woman’s components/

12. Each photographed part/
Belongs to a living soul/
We must remember/

13. Souls display their shells/
Reasons known only to them/
We mustn’t pre-judge/

14a. Articulating/
Self on digital highway/
Is impossible/

14b. Articulating/
Self on digital highway/
Is quite difficult/

15a . Internet’s reduced/
All humans to simple Memes/
Stand-ins for ourselves/

15b. Internet’s reduced/
Humans into mere icons/
Stand-ins for ourselves/

16. Bathroom self-portraits/
Reduce us to visible/
Components of life*/
#haiku *self


One response to “Bathroom Selfies

  1. Bathroom Selfies Sonnet (DRAFT)
    Bathroom selfies: posed curves & confidence
    She pantomimes professional women
    As if a hand on hip were competence
    Performing youth as a simulacrum

    Porcelain backgrounds: austere privacy
    Foregrounded sinks with cheap erect faucets
    Showing their appreciation spicy
    Fractured looks in the cheap mirror’s facets

    Beauty’s depiction, women undersell
    Visible properties are transient
    Woman’s treasure is not in a mirror’s spell
    Her ambient value’s she’s sentient

    In this raucous world we must trust our eyes
    But worth ain’t visible; we see vain lies

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